​One of the best ways to enhance the security setup in your home or business is to install security cameras. If your security system connects with, you will want to use cameras for this purpose. Take a look at the selection of compatible security cameras from Alarm Grid.
Indoor 1080P WIFI Camera with Nigh Vision and Two-Way Voice
List Price:
Our Price: $242.99
Indoor/Outdoor 1080P Mini Bullet Camera with Night Vision
List Price:
Our Price: $120.99
Indoor/Outdoor 1080P Fixed Dome Camera with Night Vision
List Price:
Our Price: $120.99
Outdoor 1080P WIFI Camera with Night Vision
List Price:
Our Price: $185.99
Indoor 1080P Fixed Camera with Night Vision
List Price:
Our Price: $129.99 Compatible Slim Doorbell Camera
List Price:
Our Price: $160.99 Compatible Round Doorbell Camera
List Price:
Our Price: $193.99
Stream Video Recorder
List Price:
Our Price: $235.99
720P HD Indoor Camera with Night Vision
List Price: $225.00
Our Price: $135.99

A security camera makes for an outstanding addition to any security setup. They are truly the only type of security device that provides you with visual evidence of what exactly happened during an important event. If you have a system that connects with, such as a 2GIG or Qolsys panel, then you will want to use security cameras that are designed to interface with From there, will serve as your central hub for viewing the security cameras, changing any camera settings and for accessing previously recorded video clips.

One major strength of is that users have the capability of utilizing a 24-hour continuous recording schedule with their cameras. While this will require a large amount of data, many homes and businesses choose to use this type of recording schedule so that they can capture events that occur at any time. In order to use a continuous recording schedule, you will need to have a streaming video recorder device to save the captured videos. Of course, many users will not set up a 24 hour recording schedule, and they will instead only have the cameras capture video during the necessary hours of the day.

At the present time, there is no way to view a live stream of an camera from a security system. Instead, the live stream is accessible through, using either a web browser or the mobile app. The mobile app is a great way for you to view the live stream of your security cameras while you are on the go. The app will work from virtually anywhere, giving you an easy and reliable way to always take a look at what your security camera is currently recording.

In addition to providing you with live stream of your cameras, will also serve as the central hub for anything related to your security cameras. This includes viewing any previous recordings and for changing any of the camera settings or configurations. will save up to 1,000 clips before it will start deleting old ones. However, there will need to be available storage space for any new clips that are added. Once the clip has been accessed on, it can then be saved by the user for permanent use. This is useful for capturing any interesting occurrences or for saving video evidence in the event of a crime.

When choosing an camera, you will want to check its specifications before making your purchasing decision. Some cameras are weatherproof and specifically designed for outdoor use. Other cameras will only work in an indoor setting. Additionally, the capture capabilities vary between different cameras, so you will want to make sure the camera you select is appropriate for your needs.

In order to use an security camera, you will need to have an alarm monitoring plan that includes video surveillance. You will also need to have the camera integrated with your account. Once your camera receives internet connectivity, your alarm monitoring company will be able to integrate the camera with your account. In order to complete this process, it will be necessary to provide the camera’s MAC address and CRC code to your monitoring company.

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