Concord 4 Dual-Path Communicator - Install Guide Dated 10/2019

The SKU Numbers at the bottom of this document appear to be reversed. I believe CD-411-US-AT is the AT&T SKU Number, and CD-421-US-VZ is the Verizon SKU. This has been reported to and we will get a corrected version up as soon as they post one.

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Taxons CD-421-US-VZ
Verizon LTE and IP Dual-Path Communicator for Interlogix Concord 4
List Price:
Our Price: $214.99
Taxons CD-411-US-AT
AT&T LTE and IP Dual-Path Communicator for Interlogix Concord 4
List Price:
Our Price: $214.99

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Interlogix Concord Data Sheet - Dual-Path VoLTE
The Concord Dual-Path VoLTE Module from brings’s secure wireless signaling, real-time
notification and web-based remote monitoring and control capabilities to the Interlogix Concord panel. Its digital
wireless communication via Dual-Path VoLTE enables secure alarm reporting to any central station via SIA or Contact
ID, regardless of whether a phone line is installed at the system location.

Secure Wireless Signaling via LTE

No phone line required (VoIP Compatible)

Remotely programmable via’s Remote Toolkit

Enables interactive monitoring and alerting for end users

Supports two-way voice over Dual-Path VoLTE (requires firmware version 185+)

Integrated support for emPower™ home automation and energy management platform
Fast, Reliable & Secure Wireless Signaling
The Dual-Path VoLTE Module for Concord can be used as the primary means of communication (no phone
line needed) or as a backup to a landline phone connection.
No Separate Power Supply Needed
The Concord Dual-Path VoLTE Module does not require its own battery or transformer. It runs on the control
panel’s AC power and backup battery sources and can function reliably for more than 24 hours during a power outage.
Remote Monitoring & Control via Web/Mobile
Operation of the Concord system from the web and mobile interface is simple and allows system access at
any time, from any location. Web features from include viewing system status and history, arming and
disarming the system, setting up and managing user codes, and creating customized e-mail and text message
notifications for any type of alarm or non-alarm activity at the property.
Expansive Coverage Footprint’s Dual-Path VoLTE services are available throughout the United States on Verizon’s reliable nationwide
Updated: Fri, 11 Oct 2019 18:10:23 GMT
1 network.
Two-Way Voice over Dual-Path VoLTE
The Concord Dual-Path VoLTE Module with’s patented two-way voice technology gives customers additional
security and peace of mind by allowing a central station operator to speak to occupants and listen-in on premise activity
during alarm events directly through the control panel—even without a landline
: Two-Way Voice over Dual-Path VoLTE requires module firmware version 185+.
emPower™ Home Automation & Energy Management’s emPowerTM solution, supported on the Concord Dual-Path VoLTE Module, offers feature-rich home
automation and energy management services built on our proven, interactive platform, allowing remote control of Z-
Wave devices through the web/mobile interfaces.
Innovation in Motion with’s Image Sensor
The Image Sensor combines a wireless PIR (Passive Infrared) motion sensor, an integrated still camera,
completely wireless communication, and Interactive Services to deliver better security through visual
verification of alarms and increased engagement through on-demand property views. The Image Sensor is compatible
with the Concord Dual-Path VoLTE Module when the Image Sensor daughterboard (sold separately) is connected.
Easy-to-Read Diagnostics
The Concord Dual-Path VoLTE Module diagnostic LEDs allow installers to monitor the connection between
the control panel and the module, and between the module and the Dual-Path VoLTE cellular network. The LEDs also
indicate Dual-Path VoLTE signal strength, which is useful when choosing the best location for the Concord Dual-Path
VoLTE module and antenna installation.
Easy Remote Programming with the Remote Toolkit
Save valuable time and money with’s web based Remote Toolkit. Using the Remote Toolkit, security dealers
can troubleshoot and resolve many customer issues remotely with just the click of a mouse.
Functions Include:

Add and delete sensors

Edit sensor type and name in panel

Change entry/exit delays

Change beep settings and volumes
Updated: Fri, 11 Oct 2019 18:10:23 GMT
2 The Remote Toolkit does not require downloader software or a phone line connection to the control panel.
Concord panels with software versions 4.0+
Power Requirements
12 V nominal, 65 mA (continuous) 1600 mA
(instantaneous peaks) maximum
(from panel or auxiliary
power supply)
Cellular Network
Dual-Band LTE (Verizon)
Quad-Band LTE (AT&T)
Operating Temperature
32 to 120°F (0 to 49°C)
Storage Temperature
-30 to 140°F (-34 to 60°C)
90% non-condensing
4 1/16” H x 1 7/8” W
FCC Part 470L
Verizon Certified
AT&T Certified
Carrier Options
Updated: Fri, 11 Oct 2019 18:10:23 GMT