Resideo TC2 & Google Home Assistant - Quick Reference Guide Dated 04/19

I have come to the conclusion that Resideo hates their customers. This is the only explanation I have for things like lack of Google integration or the fact that the T9 and T10 (their 2 newest thermostats) do not integrate with their home security system.
Hi Zarheer, Resideo announced a Google Home integration awhile ago, but it was never released, and we are still waiting on Resideo to release the integration. We have not received any updates that it was not going to happen.
How come Resideo TotalConnect 2.0 works with Alexa already, but its taking so long to get it up and running with Google Assistant. Is Google Assistant and TC2.0 EVER going to work?
Currently no, we have been contacting Resideo frequently to attempt to get updates. When we have more information or a set ETA, we will be posting a blog and more information here on our site.
Any update when Google Assistant and TC2.0 will work together?

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Resideo Technologies, Inc.
2 Corporate Center Drive, Suite 100
Melville, NY 11747
L/GAQRG/D | 04/19
© 2019 Resideo Technologies, Inc.
This product is manufactured
by Resideo and its affiliates. The
Honeywell Home trademark is
used under license from Honeywell
International Inc. All rights reserved.
For more information
Get started using
Resideo Total Connect 2.0
with Google Assistant
Your Google Home Device, if not previously set up, will need to be installed
and set up. Please follow instructions provided by Google. The Google
Home App will also be necessary.
Simplify your life by using these
“Ok Google, is my security armed?”
“Ok Google, set security to arm stay.”
“Ok Google, set security to arm away.”
Lights and Switches
“Ok Google, turn the living room light
on /of f.”
“Ok Google, set the living room light to
60 percent.”
“Ok Google, turn the living room lights
“Ok Google, turn on/off the lights.”
“Ok Google, set the bedroom
thermostat to 70 degrees.”
“Ok Google, change the bedroom
thermostat to heat mode.”
“Ok Google, ask bedroom thermostat
the temperature.”
On the “My Home” tab, click on
the “add” icon.
Click “Set up device”.
Under the “Works with Google”
header, click on “Have something
already set up?”.
Search for Total Connect, and
select it.
You will be prompted to log into
Total Connect 2.0. Please enter
your credentials.
A user agreement will pop up. Read
and click the “ALLOW” button.
Ensure the “Security System”
icon is selected and “Automation”
(if available), then click on the
“CONNECT” button.
Back on the “My Home” page,
scroll down and see devices
“Linked to you” but are not yet
added to your home.
Click on “Security System” and

on the next screen click on

“add to a home”.
Choose which home to add to

and hit next.
Hit “Move Device”.
Repeat steps 8-11 for any lights

or thermostats you wish to add.
You may now begin controlling
Total Connect 2.0 devices using
your Google Home Device and
Google Assistant.
Link Total Connect 2.0 to Google Home by following these steps:
Your security is our priority. We will never allow Google to disarm your security system. That can
be done via Total Connect 2.0 mobile apps or directly on your security panel. The Total Connect
2.0 Google Skill is compatible with Lyric®, LYNX and VISTA® security panels. You must have a
Total Connect 2.0 account to get started. For multi-location accounts, only a single location is
supported. Only Z-Wave® lights and thermostats are supported.