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Incredible Desk Mount
Submitted on 10/17/2019 Alarm Grid

The 2GIG CP-DESK is an amazing desk mount that does exactly what it needs to do. This device is capable of making a multitude of different 2GIG Panels and 2GIG Keypads stand up straight and avoid having to mount it to the wall or lay it flat. For many users, this is ultimately the best and most convenient option available. If you can't drill holes, or if you simply do not want to drill holes, then enter the 2GIG CP-DESK! The product serves its role perfectly, which is why we give a 5-Star Rating.

Some of the panels and keypads used with the 2GIG CP-DESK include the 2GIG GC2, 2GIG GC3, 2GIG SP1 Keypad, and 2GIG SP2 Keypad. It even works with the new 2GIG GC2e and 2GIG GC3e Systems! If you thought this was a busy desk stand, then you are correct. The sheer number of different devices that can theoretically be used with this keypad is quite incredible! Even if you are using the 2GIG CP-DESK with an older 2GIG Panel or 2GIG Keypad and then upgrade to a newer module, odds are you will be able to bring the desk mount over to the new equipment. How convenient.

And you don't need to question the performance of the 2GIG CP-DESK. It's great! The desk mount will keep the panel or keypad nice and sturdy, which sure beats laying it flat. Many users find using a desk mount like the 2GIG CP-DESK to be a more convenient option than having to mount the panel or keypad to the wall. This is especially true for users living in a rental property, where they may not be permitted by the building owner to drill permanent holes into the wall. And with a desk mount, it becomes much easier to take the system or keypad with you if you ever decide to move. We love this desk mount That is why we give it 5 Stars.

Good: Works with many 2GIG Products, Keeps panel or keypad sturdy.

Bad: None

Bottom Line: 5 Stars