Go Control GC-TBZ48 - Z-Wave Smart Thermostat Reviews

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Decent Z-Wave Thermostat
Submitted on 01/16/2020 Alarm Grid

The Go Control GC-TBZ48 is a smart Z-Wave thermostat. It is a relatively basic thermostat model, as it only has a 7-character scrolling display for programming, and it only uses classic Z-Wave, as opposed to Z-Wave Plus. The model can be run on battery power without the use of a C-wire, but doing so will make it impossible for the device to repeat other Z-Wave signals for strengthening the mesh network. But you can still use a C-wire if desired. Overall, this is a fine Z-Wave thermostat, but there are many newer and more advanced models available, including some that have much cleaner user interfaces. For that reason, we only give the Go Control GC-TBZ48 a 4 Star rating.

There are some key aspects we like about the Go Control GC-TBZ48. For one, the option to use the unit without a C-wire is a nice touch, even if it eliminates the device's function as a Z-Wave repeater. Being able to power the device using four (4) AA batteries can really be a nice alternative if connecting a C-wire is not feasible. We also like the fact that the unit is compatible with nearly any Z-Wave controller or hub. This makes the thermostat quite versatile and able to connect with a number of different systems.

There are some downsides to the Go Control GC-TBZ48. One downside is that using the device on battery power without a C-wire will eliminate the device's Z-Wave signal repeating capabilities. We are not fans of the device's 7-character scrolling for programming, as we feel there are much cleaner UI options available that are easier to understand. And we don't like the fact that this thermostat uses standard Z-Wave instead of Z-Wave Plus. Because of these limitations, we give this product only 4 Stars.

Good: Can Be Used w/o C-Wire, Battery Power Option, Works w/ Nearly Any Z-wave Controller

Bad: Battery Power Eliminates Function as Z-Wave Repeater, 7-Character Scrolling for Programming, Cleaner UI Options Exist, Standard Z-Wave

Bottom Line: 4 Stars