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Obsolete Communicator
Submitted on 09/22/2020 Alarm Grid

The 2GIG GC3GA-A is an AT&T 3G Communicator for a 2GIG Go!Control GC2 Security System. This was once one of the premier communicator options for a 2GIG GC2. But with the quickly-approaching 3G Sunset, the 2GIG GC3GA-A is no longer a communicator you will want to consider purchasing. In fact, 2GIG has discontinued this communicator in favor of various LTE models. You can no longer activate the 2GIG GC3GA-A for monitoring service. And if you are currently using one, then you must replace it prior to the AT&T 3G Cellular Network being shut down to ensure that your panel remains connected for alarm monitoring. The only reason we even give this unit a 3-Star rating is because it can continue to provide reliable connectivity until the associated network is shut down, assuming that it has already been activated. New activations for the 2GIG GC3GA-A are no longer permitted, and once this module is terminated, it cannot be reactivated.

The biggest positive for the 2GIG GC3GA-A is the fact that the communicator provides reliable connectivity between a 2GIG GC2 System and the AT&T 3G Cellular Network. By sending signals across this network, the system can be used with Alarm.com. This platform allows users to control their systems remotely, check current system status, and perform Z-Wave smart home commands. But the downsides for the 2GIG GC3GA-A are more pressing. The 2GIG GC3GA-A can no longer be activated for new monitoring service. And if you have a 2GIG GC2 that is currently using a GC3GA-A for monitoring service, then you must replace the module with an LTE communicator before the AT&T 3G Network is being shut down. Otherwise, your system will no longer remain monitored. The possible LTE replacements include the 2GIG LTEA-A-GC2 (AT&T LTE) and the 2GIG LTEV1-A-GC2 (Verizon LTE). Due to these downsides, we only give the 2GIG GC3GA-A a 3-Star rating.

Good: Reliable Cellular Connectivity, Alarm.com

Bad: Can No Longer Be Activated, Must Be Replaced w/ LTE

Bottom Line: 3 Stars