2GIG GC3GA-T - Telguard AT&T Cell Communicator for Go!Control Reviews

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Submitted on 05/19/2020 Alarm Grid

The 2GIG GC3GA-T is an AT&T 3G Communicator that allows a 2GIG GC3 System to connect with the Telguard platform. Alarm Grid generally steers customers towards either Total Connect 2.0 or Alarm.com rather than Telguard. And the only time we will really recommend Telguard is with a Telguard TG-1 Express, which is used with panels that use a traditional phone dialer. The 2GIG GC3 is a more advanced wireless panel that does not use a phone dialer, so there really isn't much reason to use the 2GIG GC3GA-T. Making matters worse is that the 2GIG GC3GA-T can no longer be activated for monitoring service, due to the AT&T 3G Sunset. All of this does not bode very well for the 2GIG GC3GA-T. We do not recommend it, and we only give it a 2 Star rating.

There are a few of positive aspects regarding the 2GIG GC3GA-T. For one, the communicator can continue to be used for monitoring service until AT&T shuts down their 3G network. This is expected to occur in 2022. After that, the communicator will no longer work. Although the Telguard platform is usually less preferred than Alarm.com, it still offers a user a method for controlling their system remotely. And since cellular communication is used, you can expect reliable monitoring service.

But the downsides for the 2GIG GC3GA-T are pretty severe. The communicator cannot be activated, as AT&T 3G activations are no longer allowed. Alarm.com is preferred by more users than Telguard HomeControl Flex, so there is very little reason to choose this communicator over an Alarm.com model. Once AT&T shuts down their 3G network, the communicator will stop working entirely. Any user looking for a new cellular communicator should make sure to get an LTE communicator for that reason. There's also the matter that the 2GIG GC3GA-T has been discontinued, and it can no longer be purchased new. All of these downsides lead us to only give the 2GIG GC3GA-T a 2 Star rating.

Good: Can be Used Until Network Shut Down, Allows for Remote System Operation, Reliable

Bad: Can No Longer be Activated, AT&T 3G Network Being Shut Down, Discontinued

Bottom Line: 2 Stars