2GIG XCVR3-GC3 - 900 MHz Transceiver & 345 MHz Receiver for GC3, GC3e, & Edge Reviews

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Good Image Sensor Transceiver Module
Submitted on 11/19/2019 Alarm Grid

The 2GIG XCVR3-GC3 is a transceiver module that allows you to use the 2GIG IMAGE3 Image Sensor with a 2GIG GC3, 2GIG GC3e, or 2GIG Edge System. An image sensor is basically a motion sensor with a built-in camera. The camera will take one or more photos when movement is detected. This is good for confirming an intrusion or a fire. The 2GIG IMAGE3 in particular is known for providing high-quality images. In fact, it is a noticeable improvement over earlier image sensors. This makes the 2GIG XCVR3-GC3 module a good purchase and a nice addition to your GC3, GC3e, or Edge System. That is why we give it 5 Stars.

Using an image sensor can be a great alternative to using a more expensive video surveillance setup. The images provided from the 2GIG IMAGE3 that is used with the 2GIG XCVR-GC3 are high-quality, and you can use the image sensor to confirm any intrusions or fires. The 2GIG IMAGE3 takes four (4) photos when activated, and they are sent to Alarm.com. This way, you can view the images remotely from a web browser or from a smartphone with the Alarm.com Mobile App. You can even manually request a photo using the peek-in feature from Alarm.com. This is ideal for requesting a photo at any time.

There are some downsides to the 2GIG XCVR3-GC3. It is a physical module that needs to be installed inside the panel, which can be inconvenient for some users. Additionally, while you can use the XCVR3-GC3 with the 2GIG Edge, the Edge System will only see a paired IMAGE3 Image Sensor as a regular motion sensor, and it cannot send images to Alarm.com. 2GIG says that this is not intended behavior, and a fix is being worked on. Unfortunately though, as of June 2021, image sensors on the 2GIG Edge will not work as intended. But despite these flaws, the 2GIG XCVR3-GC3 does its job well. For that reason, it earns 5 Stars.

Good: Alternative to Video Cameras, High-Quality Images, Peek-In from Alarm.com

Bad: Must be Installed, Image Sensors Do Not Work as Intended On the 2GIG Edge (Fix is being implemented)

Bottom Line: 5 Stars