AG Outdoor Security Stickers - Window Stickers with Adhesive Back Reviews

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Tremendous Stickers!
Submitted on 11/15/2019 Alarm Grid

Alarm Grid Outdoor Security Stickers feature an adhesive back, and they are designed to be used in an outdoor environment. They are very tough and durable, and we think they look great. We absolutely love these stickers, so they get an easy 5 Star rating.

There are so many things to love about the Alarm Grid Outdoor Security Stickers. They proudly feature the Alarm Grid blue, and they let anyone who passes your home or business know that you are monitored by Alarm Grid. The stickers also feature our phone number and website so that you can conveniently reference them if needed. Since the stickers are mounted on the outside of a window, it is less likely that children will tear them or peel them off. The stickers are weatherproof, and they will withstand whatever nature throws at them. You can put them on pretty much any outdoor surface. This includes a window, your mailbox, or even your car if you want. Our technicians have found that they stay up very reliably, and they look great in our opinion. These are large window stickers, so others are sure to notice them. You will love the octagon design and the awesome blue color. Simply put, these are some of the best stickers you will ever encounter. And best of all, they will most likely scare off any intruder!

The only downside to the stickers is that they cannot physically stop an intruder from entering your home or business. Sure, a security sticker is likely to scare off an intruder. But if they decide to break-in anyway, the sticker isn't exactly going to stop them. That's why it's important to have a real security system and monitoring service from Alarm Grid. You can use a sticker without a security system, but don't be upset with us if an intruder decides to call your bluff!

These stickers are excellent, and everyone should have them. We give them 5 Stars.

Good: Cool Design, Phone # & Website Listed, Weatherproof, Large & Prominent, Strong Adhesive Backing, Scare Away Intruders

Bad: Will Not Physically Stop Intruders

Bottom Line: 5 Stars