ADC-SEM110-PS-VZ - System Enhancement Module (SEM) with Verizon LTE Cellular Communicator for DSC PowerSeries Reviews

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Fantastic LTE Communicator!
Submitted on 11/27/2019 Alarm Grid

The ADC-SEM110-PS-VZ is a Verizon LTE Cellular Communicator for DSC PowerSeries Systems. These are hardwired systems that need an added communicator to connect with for monitoring service. This is arguably the most important upgrade you can make for your DSC PowerSeries System. By adding this communicator and signing up for a cellular monitoring plan, your compatible DSC PowerSeries System can utilize cellular connectivity. This is widely seen as the most reliable communication path for an alarm system. You will also be able to take advantage of the interactive monitoring and automation platform. The communicator has very few downsides, and it works great. We give it a 5 Star rating.

It's easy to find good things about the ADC-SEM110-PS-VZ. For one, it provides reliable cellular connectivity. Most security experts agree that this is the optimal communication path for a security system. With service from the Verizon LTE Network, you should expect fast and reliable service from the ADC-SEM110-PS-VZ, provided that you have good coverage from the Verizon LTE Network in your area. And being able to take advantage of is a nice bonus as well. You can conveniently access from your phone or from a web browser. Once you have logged-in to, you can arm and disarm your system, check its current status, control Z-Wave devices, and more. Speaking of Z-Wave, the ADC-SEM110-PS-VZ also serves as a fully functional Z-Wave Plus controller for a PowerSeries System.

There are some minor downsides to the ADC-SEM110-PS-VZ. For one the module has to be physically installed to the system board. This is a little more inconvenient than some other cellular communicators, but it is to be expected from a hardwired panel. The module only provides cellular service. It does not provide IP connectivity like the newer ADC-SEM210-PS-VZ. In fact, the ADC-SEM110-PS-VZ has been discontinued in favor of that other module, and it is recommended that you get that module instead. But that doesn't mean that ADC-SEM110-PS-VZ is obsolete, as the Verizon LTE Network is still going strong. And Verizon is expected to maintain service for their LTE network for at least the next few decades. The only other downside is that the ADC-SEM110-PS-VZ is for DSC PowerSeries Systems only, which somewhat limits its functionality. But really, these are all minor concerns. There are so many things to like about the ADC-SEM110-PS-VZ, and we have no problem giving it 5 Stars.

Good: Reliable Cellular Service, Verizon LTE Network,, Z-Wave Plus

Bad: Must Be Installed, No IP Connectivity, DSC PowerSeries Only

Bottom Line: 5 Stars