ADC-SEM210-PS-AT - AT&T LTE Dual-Path Communicator for DSC PowerSeries Reviews

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Great Communicator!
Submitted on 05/20/2020 Alarm Grid

The ADC-SEM210-PS-AT is a dual-path communicator for compatible DSC PowerSeries Systems. By installing and activating this communicator, your DSC PowerSeries System will be able to communicate with through both the internet and the AT&T LTE Network. Internet service is provided in the form of a hardwired ethernet connection. This communicator also doubles as a Z-Wave Plus controller, thereby allowing you to set up a smart home automation network around the platform. We think the ADC-SEM210-PS-AT is an outstanding product, and we give a 5 Star rating.

There are many things to like about the ADC-SEM210-PS-AT. For one, it is a dual-path communicator, so your PowerSeries System will stay connected with even if one communication path goes down or becomes unavailable. The fact that the cellular portion of the communication uses LTE connectivity should not be overlooked. LTE stands for long-term evolution, and these networks are expected to be kept operational and in service well into the very distant future. In other words, the ADC-SEM210-PS-AT provides a long-term solution for keeping your system monitored. We also like the built-in Z-Wave Plus functionality, as it is a great way to get started with home automation. We also like the fact that the communicator allows for remote operation through

There are some downsides regarding the ADC-SEM210-PS-AT. For one, it is for compatible DSC PowerSeries Systems only. This does not include the PowerSeries NEO Systems, which have their own Communicators. While the Z-Wave functionality is nice, you should keep in mind that it will not allow for local Z-Wave control. All Z-Wave operations will need to be performed remotely from And like any PowerSeries Communicator, the module will need to be physically installed on the panel. But overall, these downsides are relatively minor, and they do not stop us from giving the ADC-SEM210-PS-AT a 5 Star rating.

Good: Dual-Path, AT&T LTE Network, Z-Wave Plus,

Bad: For DSC PowerSeries Systems Only, Local Z-Wave Control Not Possible, Must be Installed

Bottom Line: 5 Stars