ADC-W100 - Ethernet to WIFI Bridge Reviews

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Great Ethernet to WIFI Converter!
Submitted on 12/13/2019 Alarm Grid

The ADC-W100 is an ethernet-to-WIFI bridge that is primarily used for providing power to Cameras that support power over ethernet (PoE). By using a device like the ADC-W100, you can provide power and network connectivity to your cameras, without needing to run an ethernet wire from the camera to your IP router. This can make it much easier to get your camera connected with a network. You can also use the ADC-W100 with any device that normally relies on a wired ethernet connection. The ADC-W100 will allow it to get connected to an IP network wirelessly across WIFI. Overall, we like the ADC-W100 a lot, and we think it works great. That is why we give it a 5-Star rating.

There are many things to like about the ADC-W100. For one, it is a very simple device to use. It does not require any special programming. You just plug it in to a standard electrical outlet and connect it with your network using a convenient WPS setup. Then run an ethernet wire from the ADC-W100 to whatever ethernet device you want to use with your WIFI network. If you have a PoE camera, then the ADC-W100 will provide power as well. This can make it very easy to set up your camera. You won't need to run a wire from the IP router to the camera, and you won't need to find a power source for the camera. Just make sure that your camera supports PoE. We also like the fact that the ADC-W100 features LED lights for displaying status.

There are not many downsides to the ADC-W100. The biggest is that the device has been discontinued, and it can no longer be found new. replaced the product with the ADC-W110 instead. Another negative aspect of the ADC-W100 is that it will not work with 5 GHz WIFI networks. It can only be used with 2.4 GHz networks. But these downsides are overshadowed by the positive aspects of the ADC-W100. We think that this is a great product, and we give it 5 Stars.

Good: No Special Programming, Provides IP and Power, Status LED Lights

Bad: Discontinued, 2.4 GHz Networks Only

Bottom Line: 5 Stars