Altronix 6062 - Multifunction Timer Relay Reviews

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Great Relay w/ Timer!
Submitted on 08/07/2020 Alarm Grid

The Altronix 6062 is a relay module that includes a built-in timer function. It is used to activate another device when a certain action occurs on the system. For example, the relay might trigger a power supply to activate a siren when an alarm occurs on the system. The integrated timer function is a nice feature for the device, as it will deactivate the device after a set amount of time. One practical application of this feature is with a siren. The relay timer can override the system's bell timeout and tell the power supply to cut power to the siren either before or after the regular system bell timeout expires. We really like the Altronix 6062 as a timed relay, so we give it 5 Stars.

There are many positive aspects regarding the Altronix 6062. For one, it offers a power input option of 12VDC or 24VDC to accommodate a greater number of devices. The timer is an obvious positive attribute, as it offers the ability to stop operation for the connected device after a set period of time. For instance, the relay will tell a power supply to stop providing power to a connected device after the set time duration. The timer can be adjusted for 1 second to 60 minutes for greater flexibility. The relay offers multiple trigger options including positive DC voltage, dry contact closure, and removal of contact closure.

There are not many downsides regarding the Altronix 6062. As a relay device, it can't really do anything on its own. It must be used with a connected device. Wiring is not included with the Altronix 6062, so you will need to provide your own. The device draws some current from the panel, specifically, 40mA when active and 3mA in standby mode. But really these downsides are extremely minor, and they do not stop us from giving the Altronix 6062 a 5 Star rating.

Good: Power Input Option, Timer, Multiple Trigger Options

Bad: Must be Connected to Device, Wiring Not Included, Draws Current

Bottom Line: 5 Stars