Arlo VMA4200 - Arlo Pro and Pro 2 Camera Skins, 3-Pack 2 Green 1 Camo Reviews

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Useful Camera Skins
Submitted on 08/11/2020 Alarm Grid

The Arlo VMA4200 is a pack of three (3) camera skins that can fit the Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2 Cameras. These external skins not only change the look of the cameras, they also provide valuable protection against water, harsh sunlight, and more. They are great if you want to use your Arlo Cameras outdoors, or if you just want to change the look of your cameras. Although there really isn't much to these external skins, they work great for their intended use. Alarm Grid gives the Arlo VMA4200 Camera Skin 3-Pack a perfect 5-Star rating.

The positive aspects regarding the Arlo VMA4200 are immediately evident. These skins add a nice personalized touch to your cameras. You get two (2) olive green skins and one (1) camouflage skin. These skin options blend-in nicely with an outdoor environment, which makes it easier to hide and disguise your cameras. As mentioned earlier, the external skins provide important protection for the cameras, as they keep out moisture and harmful UV rays. The lightweight silicone material is easy to apply and highly durable. Skins can be easily swapped out if a user wants to change the look of their camera.

There are some minor downsides regarding the Arlo VMA4200 Camera Skins that should also be considered. These camera skins are for Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2 Cameras only. They will not fit other cameras. If you do not like the color green, then these skins are not for you. They have a real outdoorsy look that is great for hiding and disguising the cameras, but some users might just prefer the naked white camera look. To be honest, some might even call the olive green skin "ugly". But if you do like the look then these are great camera skins. That's why we rate the Arlo VMA4200 with 5 Stars.

Good: Personalize Your Cameras, Blend-In w/ Outdoors, Protect Cameras, Lightweight Silicone, Easy to Apply, Durable, Easy to Swap

Bad: Only for Arlo Pro & Arlo Pro 2, Some Might Think They're Ugly

Bottom Line: 5 Stars