Danalock DLOV3DBRDGEBT - Danabridge V3 Hub for Danalock & Danapad Reviews

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Submitted on 09/17/2019 Alarm Grid

The Danalock DLOV3DBRDGEBT, or simply the Danabridge, is the V3 hub for the Danalock Smart Lock and for the Danapad Keypad. Our technicians have found that this hub works very well and reliably. It makes for a great addition for anyone with a Z-Wave Danalock Smart Lock who wants more options for controlling the lock remotely. We are very impressed with the performance of this hub, which is why it gets a 5 Star Rating.

You need the Danabridge to connect the Danalock to a WIFI network. This is important for controlling the lock remotely through the Danalock App. While you can already control the lock remotely through Z-Wave technology, this adds another layer to the functionality of the lock. The Danalock App is very easy to use, and it is available for both Android and iOS devices. You just need to make sure that you are using the Z-Wave version of the Danalock V3. The HomeKit Danalock will not work with the Danabridge.

All commands sent by the Danabridge are secured with 256-bit AES encryption for maximum wireless security. The Danalock App will monitor whenever a lock is operated, and it will keep track of which user controlled the lock. Each lock is associated with the Danabridge through a local Bluetooth connection for easy and reliable pairing. With that in mind, you will want to have the Danabridge in a good central location of the locks so that they can communicate easily.

Other good aspects of the Danabridge include its use of a plug-in transformer with no required wiring and its compact design. It can even be mounted to a wall if desired. The Danabridge is also recommended if you have a Danapad Keypad, as the only other way to push codes to a Danapad is through a Z-Wave hub. Overall, we are very pleased with the Danabridge, and we give it a 5 Star Rating.