DSC CD8055IVZ - Alarm.com Verizon CDMA Communicator for Impassa w/ Image Sensor Module Reviews

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CDMA Communicator
Submitted on 08/18/2020 Alarm Grid

The DSC CD8055IVZ is a discontinued Verizon CDMA Communicator for a DSC Impassa Security System. The module can no longer be activated for alarm monitoring service, as Verizon is in the process of shutting down their CDMA network. Existing units that have already been activated can continue to be used until Verizon ultimately shuts down the network. The module came bundled with an image sensor for use with Alarm.com, and it could readily support Z-Wave devices. But the fact that this is a CDMA Communicator is difficult to ignore. For that reason, we only give this a 4-Star rating.

There are positive aspects regarding the DSC CD8055IVZ. For one, it provides reliable cellular monitoring when activated. Cellular connectivity is must more reliable than IP connectivity, as internet outages are fairly common. This communicator allows an Impassa System to communicate with the Alarm.com servers. This is great for controlling your system remotely, provided that your monitoring plan includes access to the Alarm.com platform. The fact that this module includes built-in Z-Wave support and image sensor support is a nice touch as well. If the unit has already been activated, then it can remain active until Verizon shuts down their CDMA network. But users should upgrade to an LTE model as soon as possible.

The downsides to the DSC CD8055IVZ should not be ignored. The product has been discontinued, and even if you find a used model, it can no longer be activated for monitoring. Once Verizon shuts down their CDMA network, the module will stop working entirely, so you want to upgrade to LTE as soon as you can. Like any Impassa communicator, the device needs to be installed, which requires opening up the panel. While this was once a good communicator, it should no longer be used today. It gets 4 Stars.

Good: Reliable Cellular monitoring, Alarm.com, Z-Wave, Image Sensor Support, Can Remain Active Until Verizon Shuts Down CDMA Network

Bad: Discontinued, Can No Longer be Activated, Must be Installed

Bottom Line: 4 Stars