DSC PT4 - Proximity Tag for DSC WT5500P Keypad Reviews

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Nice Proximity Tag!
Submitted on 05/29/2020 Alarm Grid

The DSC PT4 is a replacement proximity tag for use with the DSC WT5500P Keypad. This is an optional keypad for a DSC Impassa System that includes a built-in proximity tag reader. The DSC PT4 also works with the DSC WTK5504P Touchscreen Keypad, which is also built for use with the DSC Impassa Security System. While both of these keypads already come with a proximity tag, you may need to replace it with a new one. Or another possibility is that you just want a second proximity tag for the keypad. Either way, the DSC PT4 works great in this role. For that reason, we give the DSC PT4 a 5 Star rating.

There are many reasons to like the DSC PT4 Proximity Tag. For one, it offers a convenient way to arm or disarm the system, in place of entering a valid code. It is great for users who may suffer from memory loss, as well as those who do not feel like entering a code. The DSC PT4 is small and compact, and you can easily store it inside your pocket, purse, or even inside your wallet. The device is very easy to use, as you can just hold it up to the proximity tag reader after it has been properly programmed.

There are some downsides to the DSC PT4 Proximity Tag that should be kept in mind. For, it only with compatible DSC Keypads that include a proximity tag reader. This restricts its use. The proximity tag has a built-in battery that must be replaced roughly every eight (8) years in order to continue working properly. The proximity tag should be treated as a user code, and losing it would be a security risk. Also consider that the DSC PT4 will take up a user code slot on the system. But these downsides are relatively minor, and they do not stop us from awarding the DSC PT4 a 5 Star score.

Good: Convenient, Small & Compact, Easy to Use

Bad: Limited Compatibility, Battery Requires Replacing, Losing PT4 is Security Risk, Requires Own User Code

Bottom Line: 5 Stars