DSC SCW457AVZNT - Impassa Security System with Alarm.com Verizon CDMA Cellular Communicator, No Transformer Reviews

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Impassa is Not Recommended
Submitted on 04/23/2020 Alarm Grid

The DSC SCW457AVZNT is an Impassa System with a Verizon CDMA Communicator installed. This product has been discontinued, due to the fact that CDMA communicators can no longer be activated. The network is being shut down in the coming years, and Alarm.com has stopped allowing new activations for use with their servers. Even then, we are not big fans of the DSC Impassa System anyway, as it isn't very DIY friendly, and much sleeker and more modern options are available. Although many people out there have DSC Impassa Systems that they are perfectly happy with, we generally do not recommend the system. For those reasons, we only give the DSC SCW457AVNT a 2 Star rating.

We can at least say that the DSC SCW457AVZNT is a functional security system. You could even replace the CDMA communicator with an LTE communicator and set it up for monitoring service. The firmware requirement for a CDMA communicator is the same as an LTE communicator (1.3 or higher). And while the Impassa System is somewhat difficult to program, you won't really need to do it again once you have it set up. We have seen Impassa Systems last for years upon years, so they are certainly reliable.

But the downsides to this system are very apparent. This model comes with a communicator that cannot be activated for monitoring service. And even if you have an Impassa System with a CDMA Communicator that has already been activated, it will stop working once Verizon shuts down their CDMA network. Also the Impassa System is pretty bulky, and there are plenty of sleeker, more modern systems available. We do not recommend it if you are looking for a new security system. That is why the DSC SCW9457AVNT gets 2 Stars from Alarm Grid.

Good: Can Add an LTE Communicator, Reliable, Long-Lasting

Bad: Communicator Cannot Be Activated, Impassa is Difficult to Program, CDMA Network Being Shut Down

Bottom Line: 2 Stars