DSC SCW45TAAT - Impassa w/ Z-Wave Ready, AT&T Cellular Communicator Reviews

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Submitted on 06/05/2020 Alarm Grid

The DSC SCW45TAAT is a DSC Impassa Security System with a built-in AT&T 3G Communicator. This system has been discontinued, as the 3G communicator can no longer be activated for monitoring service. This is because AT&T is in the process of shutting down their 3G network. If you happen to have an Impassa System with an AT&T 3G Communicator that has already been activated, then you can continue to use that communicator until the network is shut down. However, we recommend being proactive and replacing the 3G communicator with an LTE communicator before that happens. All cellular communicators for the DSC Impassa have the same firmware requirements, so you won't need to upgrade the system to add an LTE communicator. But since the communicator can no longer be activated, and the fact that we are not big fans of the DSC Impassa in the first place, we can only give the DSC SCW45TAAT a 2 Star rating.

There are not many aspects to like about the DSC SCW45TAAT. The system can still technically be used for monitoring, but you would need to swap out the 3G communicator with an LTE module. The communicator allowed for Alarm.com service, and it also doubled as a Z-Wave controller so that you could build an automation network around it. The Impassa System is functional, and it does support local end user programming.

But the downsides to the DSC SCW45TAAT should not be ignored. The Impassa is a rather clunky system, and it isn't exactly the most user-friendly. It also lacks the features of a newer, more modern security system. The best way to describe it is "outdated". The communicator included with this system can no longer be activated, and it must be replaced if the user intends on setting up the system for monitoring service. There is also the fact that the system has been discontinued, and it can no longer be purchased new. With these downsides in mind, we give the DSC SCW45TAAT a 2 Star score.

Good: System is Still Usable, Alarm.com, Z-Wave, Functional System, End User Programming

Bad: Clunky System, Not User Friendly, Lacks Modern Features, Communicator Cannot be Activated, Discontinued

Bottom Line: 2 Stars