DSC SCW45TVZ - Impassa Security System w/ Z-Wave Ready, Verizon CDMA Cellular Communicator Reviews

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Submitted on 09/17/2019 Alarm Grid

The DSC SCW45TVZ refers to the DSC Impassa Security System with Verizon CDMA Communicator. We do not like the DSC Impassa Security System. We think there are much better panels available, and this is one to avoid. Its programming is difficult, and its features are lackluster. As a result, we do not recommend this system, and we give it a 2 Star Rating.

The Impassa is a wireless alarm panel that uses a push-button keypad for operation. This is in contrast to the touchscreen systems that are more common today. Although many users won't mind a touch-button system (it gets the job done), it just doesn't look as modern, and it isn't as satisfying to use. New users may also struggle with the system, as it is not very DIY friendly. If you are already accustomed to DSC programming, then picking up the Impassa should be no problem for you. But the majority of users will struggle with this system.

The design of the Impassa leaves much to be desired. The thing is a brick. It is not sleek or stylish in any sense. The system looks chunky and dated. It also lacks any real impressive features. It only supports 64 zones and 4 key fobs in 16 key zones. While this is fine for most small homes, more modern systems will support many more. And newer systems tend of offer features like partitioning, encrypted sensor support, and local automation control. All of those features are absent from the Impassa.

If that were not enough, this version of the Impassa has a Verizon CDMA Communicator. Verizon no longer allows activations of CDMA communicators, as the network is set to be shut down in the coming years. Anyone buying a new system today should make absolutely sure it comes with an LTE communicator. There really is not a lot to like about the system. For positives, we can say that it is functional, and it does offer the option for local end user programming. For that reason, we give it 2 Stars.