DSC WS4985 - 1-Way Flood Sensor UA563 Reviews

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Outstanding 433 MHz Flood Sensor
Submitted on 10/17/2019 Alarm Grid

The DSC WS4985 is a wireless 433 MHz flood sensor intended for use with the DSC Impassa and DSC PowerSeries Panels. It also works with other 433 MHz panels like the legacy DSC version of the IQ Panel 2 Plus. This sensor works very reliably, and it packs some nice bonus features as well. For a flood sensor, it is actually very robust, making it a great addition to nearly any compatible security system. For those reasons, we can confidently give the DSC WS4985 Flood Sensor a 5-Star Rating.

The main reason to get a DSC WS4985 is because you have a system that supports 433 MHz sensors and you need to add a flood sensor. The sensor is generally placed in areas where floods or water leaks are likely to occur. These areas can include in basements, in bathrooms, underneath sinks, under toilets, under water heaters, and more. Upon detecting a small amount of liquid, the sensor will send an alert to the panel. The system will then respond based on its programming settings. Our technicians have tested out the DSC WS4985, and we find that its flood detection functions work quite well. The sensor includes a detachable probe for use as a flood sensor.

However, there is more to the DSC WS4985 than just supporting flood detection. The sensor also includes a built-in reed switch. If you add a separate magnet, then the device can be used as a door and window sensor. In that case, you would most likely want to detach the probe. You can even have the sensor act as a wireless transmitter for a Normally Closed hardwired contact by using its built-in terminals. This is great if you have a hardwired contact with a large magnet spacing gap, and you want to use it with a 433 MHz system.

Bottom line, the DSC WS4985 works well, and it offers some nice bonus features that go above and beyond for a regular flood sensor. We give it 5 Stars.