GE 14318 - Z-Wave In-Wall Smart Switch Reviews

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Great In-Wall Switch
Submitted on 11/01/2019 Alarm Grid

The GE 14318 is a Z-Wave Plus in-wall switch that allows for smart control over your in-wall lights. It replaces your existing in-wall switch to control your hardwired lights. The switch is very easy to install, and it works very well. But it does require a traveler wire for multi-switch configuration. Overall, this is an excellent in-wall switch, and we can recommend it for nearly any in-wall lighting application. That is why we give it a 5-Star Rating.

There are many things to like about the GE 14318. For one, it is easy to install. You just cut power at the breaker, remove the existing in-wall switch, and wire the GE 14318 in its place. This can be done by a DIY user, without having to hire a professional installer or electrician. That's a very nice aspect of this device. There is also a wall bracket included with the device to help ensure a neat and tidy installation. It is also worth mentioning that this device uses Z-Wave Plus communication to provide a longer communication range when the device is used with a Z-Wave Plus hub or controller.

There are a couple of downsides to the GE 14318, but really these would apply to almost any Z-Wave in-wall switch. Although the device can be set up for a multi-switch configuration, you will need a traveler wire to do so. Running a traveler wire can be a difficult task for a DIY installer depending on the location of the lights. Additionally, this device does not support a dimming function. But there really aren't many downsides to the device.

The GE 14318 is easy to use and very effective at its job. We give it 5 Stars.

Good: Easy to Install, Included Wall Bracket, Z-Wave Plus

Bad: Traveler Wire for Multi-Switch Use, No Dimming Function

Bottom Line: 5 Stars