Honeywell 4GL - 3G (GSM) Communicator for the LYNX Touch, WIreless Security System Reviews

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Replaced by LTE
Submitted on 11/21/2019 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell 4GL is a 3G communicator for Honeywell LYNX Touch Systems. Honeywell later changed the name to 3GL to avoid confusion. A Honeywell LYNX Touch System that has a 4GL unit installed and activated can communicate across the AT&T 3G Network for connecting with the Resideo AlarmNet360 Servers and Total Connect 2.0. Unfortunately, this communicator can no longer be activated, as AT&T is planning to shut down their 3G network in the coming years. Any activated communicator will continue to work properly until AT&T shuts down the network. Once that happens, the user will need to upgrade to an LTE model. While the 4GL module works well for the time being, we recommend that anyone using one upgrades to LTE as soon as possible. And if you are in the market for a new cellular communicator, then you are better off getting an LTE module like the Honeywell LTE-L57A. For those reasons, we give the Honeywell 4GL a 4 Star rating.

The good aspects of the Honeywell 4GL are that it provides reliable cellular monitoring service and that it allows for connectivity with Total Connect 2.0. Cellular monitoring is more reliable than IP monitoring, as it is much less prone to service outages. And being able to utilize Total Connect 2.0 provides many advantages. You can access the TC2 platform from a web browser or a phone. Once you have logged into your account, you can arm and disarm, check current system status, control Z-Wave devices (L5100-ZWAVE upgrade required), and more.

The downsides to the 4GL are pretty clear. It can no longer be activated. And if you have one that is activated, it will need to be replaced once the AT&T 3G Network is shut down. We can't really recommend this module to anyone looking for a new communicator. But it will work fine for the time being if you have one that is already activated. For those reasons, we give it 4 Stars.

Good: Reliable Cellular Monitoring, Access to TC2

Bad: Cannot be Activated, AT&T 3G Network Being Shut Down

Bottom Line: 4 Stars