Honeywell 5800FLOOD - Wireless Flood and Temperature Sensor Reviews

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Great Flood & Temperature Sensor!
Submitted on 09/17/2019 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell 5800FLOOD is a leak detection and temperature sensor designed for use with 345 MHz security systems. This sensor works reliably in ever possible aspect, and it offers great performance all-around. Our technicians have tested this sensor to great success, and it has become one of our favorites in its category. That is why we give this product a perfect 5 Star Rating.

In order to get full functionality out of the Honeywell 5800FLOOD, you will need to program it to four (4) different zones on the system. Each zone will have a different Loop Number depending on the function you want to use with that zone. But this is worth it, as you really get a lot of functionality out of this one sensor. Although the sensor has "FLOOD" in its name, it isn't just a flood sensor. It also performs excellently as a temperature sensor. In fact, the first two Loops are for temperature sensing. Loop 3 is for flood detection, and Loop 4 is for the tamper cover.

The built-in probes on the Honeywell 5800FLOOD only need to be submerged in 1/4" of water in order to activate. Our technicians have tested the sensor and have found that it activates well within the 40 second to 1 minute timeframe that Honeywell lists in the product specifications. Additionally, the high and low temperature sensing also works quite well. The sensor will respond to low temperatures of 45 degrees Fahrenheit and below, as well as high temperatures of 95 degrees Fahrenheit and up. Remember that Loop 1 is for low-temperature and Loop 2 is for high-temperature.

Overall, we are very impressed with the performance of the Honeywell 5800FLOOD. It is a reliable device, and it packs a lot of functionality into such a small product. We think it is great for anyone with a wireless Honeywell or 2GIG System looking for reliable flood and/or temperature detection. For that reason, we give it 5 Stars.