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Submitted on 10/29/2019 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell 5802MN is a wireless panic button that operates at a wireless frequency of 345 MHz. This is a single-button device, so it is usually used as a panic button, or as a medical alert button. This is a fairly old device, and it has since been discontinued. It also features a relatively weak signal range. There are better options available, which is why we only give it 3 Stars.

While the Honeywell 5802MN isn't our favorite wireless panic button, there are some things to like about it. The device is very easy to use and operate. It features a false alarm prevention method by requiring that the button is pressed and held for two (2) full seconds. Once this happens, the red LED light on the device will begin flashing to indicate that a transmission was sent out. The button is nice and large so that the user will be able to quickly locate it and press it when they are in distress. The button has a loop at the top so a necklace can be added for wearing. The device even comes with a necklace to use for this purpose.

But there are some weak points about the Honeywell 5802MN. The device has been discontinued in-favor of newer, more robust panic buttons. It has a very limited range of just 50 nominal feet. As a result, it is only really suitable for smaller homes. The design is boxy and somewhat dated. Having only one (1) button limits the functionality of this device. The 3V battery has a fairly short lifespan of just three (3) to five (5) years.

There are better options available than the Honeywell 5802MN. For that reason, we only give it a 3 Star Rating.

Good: Easy to Use, False Alarm Prevention, Large Button, Can be Worn Around Neck

Bad: Limited Range, Only 1 Button, Unattractive Design, Short Battery Life

Bottom Line: 3 Stars