Honeywell 5802MN2 - Wireless Dual Button Medical Alert Reviews

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Good Medical Alert Button
Submitted on 12/04/2019 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell 5802MN2 is a dual-button medical alert button. It is designed to be kept on the user's person at all times using an included necklace or belt holder. The device is activated by pressing both buttons at the same time. Although this device is somewhat dated at the time of this review (December 2019), it is still an effective product, and it should continue to work well if you already have one. For those reasons, we give it 5 Stars.

There are many things to appreciate about the Honeywell 5802MN2. For one, the dual-button press requirement prevents false alarms. A red LED light will flicker when the device is activated. This can be very comforting to the user in knowing that the signal was successfully sent to the panel. Optional RF supervision allows the device to be programmed in such a manner that the system will not display a trouble condition if the user takes the button with them while they are out. The user just needs to be aware that the device can only be activated while it is within range of the panel. The device has a long battery life of about three (3) to five (5) years. It is water-resistant, and it can be taken in the shower. However, it should never be fully submerged in water.

There are some downsides to the 5802MN2. The device is discontinued, and new models are no longer available. Its design is fairly dated by most standards. If that is important to the end user, then you might want to go with something more modern. The range is also somewhat limited at just 50 feet nominal. Keep in mind though that this range was somewhat standard at the time when this sensor was released. Overall this is a reliable and trustworthy device. We can give it a 5 Star rating.

Good: Dual-Button Press, Red LED Light, Optional RF Supervision, Long Battery Life, Water-Resistant

Bad: Discontinued, Outdated Design, Limited Range

Overall: 5 Stars