Honeywell 5822T - Wireless Garage Tilt Sensor Reviews

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Submitted on 03/24/2014 Mark Fisher

I added this item to a garage door I can not easily see. It enrolled easily and I use the included mounting plate to put it on my door. My door is a solid full insulted metal door I uses 2 small machine screws Predrilled smaller than the screw.

Note when you enroll look at the arrow on the case as that is the vertical direction for "not tilted or open" thus once enrolled be sure to install it that way as well the arrow blends in and it could be easy to install upside down. I went with my top door panel near center. Also activated the chime so when My wife comes home I hear the announcement long before I hear her hit the back door we have a large detached garage. I paired this with the 5277 Garage door relay so I can operate the door from anywhere via Total connect Once my Ups guy knows he can text me when he pulls up and I can open the door he can either doorbell close it or I can close and the tilt sensor will elt you know its all good.

Submitted on 08/19/2013 Jeff Adams

This is a great little device, I like knowing when my garage door is open. However this device does not list for $50, dealer cost is $35 which would make it a 30% mark up $42 which is still a fair price but your not saving any money because it was never priced at $50 to being with.