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Great Desk Mount Kit
Submitted on 09/04/2019 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell 5828DM is a great desk mount for the Honeywell 5828 Wireless Keypad. By using this desk mount, you can prop the keypad up on a table or desk, instead of having to mount it to the wall. This definitely beats laying the keypad flat on a table or countertop. The kit also includes a K0991 AC Power Adapter for providing reliable power to the keypad. Overall, we think this is a great product, and it does exactly what it needs to. That is why we give the Honeywell 5828DM a Five (5) Star Rating.

Nearly every wireless panel and keypad has a desk mount option available. The 5828 Keypad is no exception with its 5828DM Desk Mount Kit. Just secure the keypad to the desk mount, and then have it sitting upright on your desk or table. You will be able to control the keypad more easily by not having to hover or lean over it. This can also prevent back strain caused by trying to control the keypad with poor posture. Adding a desk mount can really make operating your system a much more pleasant experience overall.

The Honeywell 5828DM fits with the standard 5828 Keypad, as well as the 5828V with spoken-voice functionality. You will need to take off the existing keypad backplate before you will be able to connect it with the desk mount, In this case, the 5828DM itself actually serves are the new backplate for the keypad. A nice bonus with this kit is the K0991 AC Transformer. Without the K0991, the keypad will timeout and the display will go blank in order to save on battery life. This device provides consistent power to the 5828 or 5828V, preventing it from timing out. Both the 5828 and 5828V can run exclusively off battery power. However, you will need to replace the batteries on a regular basis.

But by using the K09911 AC Transformer, your keypad can rely on AC power rather than battery power. Many users prefer doing this instead of relying on battery power alone. And if the electricity ever goes out, the keypad can remain operational using its batteries. Overall, the items in this kit perform their duties very well. Now you can have a reliable power option and desk mount for your Honeywell 5828 or Honeywell 5828V. We can confidently give this kit a 5 Star Rating.