Honeywell 5839 - Wireless Alphanumeric Alarm Keypad Reviews

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Limited Wireless Keypad
Submitted on 11/01/2019 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell 5839 is a wireless Alphanumeric keypad for Honeywell VISTA Systems. In other words, it is a wireless keypad for a hardwired alarm control panel. You cannot even use this device unless you have a wireless transceiver added to the VISTA Panel. It lacks programming capabilities, and its wireless range is rather unimpressive at just 50 feet due to FCC limitations. It's also discontinued so you cannot even buy it anymore. There is not much to be excited about this keypad, though it is quality Honeywell equipment, and it does eliminate the need for running wires. We give this keypad a 3 Star Rating.

There are really only a few positive aspects of the 5839. Its Alphanumeric display can make it easier for a user to understand what they are doing. And as a Honeywell product, the keypad is sturdy and of good quality. It also eliminates the need for running wires, which is a necessity with any similar hardwired keypad, including the 6160.

But there are plenty of downsides to the Honeywell 5839. Despite being an Alphanumeric keypad, it cannot be used for programming. The only reason to choose this over a wireless Fixed English keypad like the 5828 is if you really want to read the system's arming state in better detail. Having to add a wireless transceiver is pretty inconvenient if you don't already have one. You can get a Honeywell 6160 Keypad and just wire that to the ECP bus instead. The 6160 can also be used for programming, which is sorely lacking for the 5839. The wireless range of 50 feet is understandable due to FCC limitations, but it is still rather disappointing. The keypad is also discontinued, so you probably can't find a new model anymore.

The only real reason to get a 5839 is if you have a VISTA System with an added transceiver module, and you need a wireless alphanumeric keypad without the programming capabilities. That is extremely niche. We only give this 3 Stars because it is a quality Honeywell Keypad, and it being wireless is convenient.

Good: Alphanumeric, Honeywell Quality, No Wires

Bad: Requires Transceiver, No Programming, Limited Range, Discontinued, Extremely Niche

Bottom Line: 3 Stars