Honeywell 5899B - Small Magnet for Wireless Door and Window Contacts Reviews

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Good Replacement Magnet
Submitted on 09/22/2020 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell 5899B is a small replacement magnet for a door and window contact sensor. Being a Honeywell product, it is specifically designed for use with sensors like the Honeywell 5816, the Honeywell 5800MINI, the Honeywell SiXCT, and the Honeywell SiXMINICT. But really, you shouldn't have trouble using the magnet with any standard surface-mounted door and window sensor. The magnet is typically installed on a door or window frame, and it can be mounted using screws or using double-sided foam tape. This is a simple, yet effective magnet that serves its intended purpose quite well. We give the Honeywell 5899B a 5-Star rating.

There are many things to like about the Honeywell 5899B. For one, it is a smaller magnet, making it great for use with smaller door and window sensors. The compact design helps make it less noticeable when mounted on a door or window frame. We also like the fact that the magnet is versatile and able to be used with nearly any surface-mounted door and window sensor. The rounded edges for the Honeywell 5899B are also a nice touch, as they give the sensor a more futuristic and modern appearance.

There are not many downsides for the Honeywell 5899B. Some users are disappointed by the fact that the Honeywell 5899B is only available in a White color option. Users with a different colored contact sensor, such as a black or brown contact may not like the fact that the 5899B doesn't match. And the fact that this is a smaller magnet may make it difficult to use with larger contact sensors. You can try your best to align it, but you may encounter performance issues if you want to use the Honeywell 5899B to replace a larger magnet. But really, these downsides are relatively minor, and they do not stop us from giving the Honeywell 5899B a 5-Star rating.

Good: Compact Design, Versatile, Rounded Edges

Bad: Only in White, Difficult to Use w/ Large Contacts

Bottom Line: 5 Stars