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Submitted on 08/07/2020 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell 746 is an indoor speaker designed for use with security systems. In order for the speaker to work properly, you must add a siren driver. The siren driver provides the logic that the speaker needs to produce a specific tone or audible frequency. The speaker can still produce a light sound without a siren driver, but it won't really be of any use for a security application. Most users just prefer to get an all-in-one siren, rather than buying a speaker and a separate siren driver. But the Honeywell 746 does feature good build quality from Honeywell, and it can be very useful if you only need a standalone speaker. But due to the lack of a siren driver, we only give the Honeywell 746 a 4-Star rating.

There are positive aspects regarding the Honeywell 746. For one, it is rather compact in size, so it won't take up too much space. The voice coil is double-coated with polyurethane to prevent corrosion. Despite its small size, it can still produce some loud sounds when set up properly, as its maximum power output is 20 watts. Mounting hardware for the speaker comes included, so you should have no trouble setting it up. The device is relatively easy to mount. And like most Honeywell products, the Honeywell 746 has a great build quality, so it can be used reliably for many years.

But the lack of a siren driver is a big downside here. This is why many people will choose to buy a legitimate siren rather than a speaker and a siren driver separately. It does force us to knock a star off the rating. There is also the fact that this speaker is built for indoor use only. All things considered, we give the Honeywell 746 a 4-Star score.

Good: Compact, Not Prone to Corrosion, Powerful Speaker, Mounting Hardware Included, Easy to Mount, Great Build Quality

Bad: No Siren Driver, Indoor Use Only

Bottom Line: 4 Stars