Honeywell 7945BR-M - Brown Magnet for XTP 7945 Surface Mount Magnetic Contact with Leads Reviews

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Perfect Replacement Magnet!
Submitted on 09/17/2019 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell 7945BR-M is the replacement magnet for the brown version of the Honeywell 7945 Contact Sensor. This magnet exactly matches the one that comes with the brown Honeywell 7945BR. It does exactly what it needs to do as a replacement magnet. That is why we give this product a 5 Star Rating.

The Honeywell 7945 is one of the most popular commercial contact sensors available. It is a surface-mounted contact that is somewhat unique for using wire leads instead of traditional connector terminals. It is a member of Honeywell XTP Series of commercial-grade contacts. These contacts are known for being particularly tough and durable. They can also withstand power surges of up to 2400VDC. This will prevent the contact from breaking due to the internal reed switch becoming fused.

There are three (3) color options available for the Honeywell 7945. The Honeywell 7945BR-M is specifically designed to match the brown contact. You can really use it with any color of the Honeywell 7945, but it will be mismatched unless you use it with the brown one. You will want the magnet on the moving part of the door, while the sensor is placed on the stationary door frame. This is to prevent the sensor from being damaged when the door is opened or closed. The magnet can be replaced more easily than the sensor if needed.

This sensor is also known for its wide magnet spacing gap. You can use it with a gap of up 2.5". This makes it perfect for industrial and overhead doors. This large magnet spacing gap will give you complete confidence in knowing that your sensor is always operating as it should. Overall, the Honeywell 7945BR-M is a great replacement magnet to purchase if your original one ever becomes lost or damaged. With that in mind, we can strongly recommend this product and give it a perfect 5 Star Rating.