Honeywell CDMA-L3 - AlarmNet Cellular Alarm Monitoring Communicator Reviews

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Defunct CDMA Module
Submitted on 07/28/2020 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell CDMA-L3 is a discontinued cellular communicator for a Honeywell L3000 LYNX Plus Security System. This cellular communicator was able to be activated for connectivity with the Verizon CDMA Cellular Network. But with the news that Verizon is shutting down their CDMA Network in favor of their newer and better LTE and 5G Networks, it is no longer possible to activate a Honeywell CDMA-L3 for monitoring service.

But if you have a Honeywell CDMA-L3 that has already been activated, then it will continue to work until Verizon shuts down the network permanently. Also understand that if you deactivate the module for any reason, it cannot be reactivated. Anyone using a Honeywell CDMA-L3 with their LYNX Plus System for monitoring is encouraged to update to an LTE communicator like the Honeywell LTE-L3V as soon as possible. As we can no longer recommend using the Honeywell CDMA-L3, we can only give it a 4 Star rating.

There are positive aspects regarding the Honeywell CDMA-L3. For one, if the unit has been previously activated, then it will continue to work until Verizon shuts down the associated CDMA Network. The unit allows for connectivity with Total Connect 2.0, provided that the user has an appropriate alarm monitoring plan. Since this is a cellular communicator, it provides extremely reliable connectivity with the Resideo AlarmNet Servers.

But the downsides to the Honeywell CDMA-L3 should not be ignored. The communicator can no longer be activated for new monitoring service due to the CDMA sunset. Once Verizon shuts down the network, the CDMA-L3 will be completely obsolete and stop working entirely. There is also the fact that the Honeywell CDMA-L3 has been discontinued, and it can no longer be purchased new. With all of this in mind, we only give the Honeywell CDMA-L3 a 4 Star rating. This is largely due to the fact that it was once a reliable communicator for monitoring service. But due to evolving technology, that is no longer considered to be the case.

Good: Will Work Until CDMA Network Shutdown, Total Connect 2.0, Reliable Connectivity

Bad: Can No Longer Be Activated, Network Being Shut Down, Discontinued

Bottom Line: 4 Stars