Honeywell CELL-ANTU - Indoor/Outdoor Fixed Length Cellular Antenna w/ 10 ft cable, Lyric Compatible Reviews

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Fantastic Lyric Cellular Antenna!
Submitted on 09/17/2019 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell CELL-ANTU is a cellular antenna designed to boost the cellular signal strength for the Honeywell Lyric Alarm System. The antenna can be used with any of the compatible Lyric Cellular Communicators to boost the signal strength, and it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. We have found that this cellular antenna works very well, which is why we give it a 5 Star Rating.

Making sure your system has a reliable cellular connection is very important. Cellular communication is known for being extremely reliable, but only when signal strength is adequate. If you live in an area that is located far away from cell towers, then you may have trouble achieving a strong enough connection. This is often the case for users in rural areas. But you can achieve a better cellular connection with a cellular antenna or amplifier. If you decide that an antenna is best for your needs, then the Honeywell CELL-ANTU is probably the way to go if you have a Lyric.

The cable attached to the Honeywell CELL-ANTU is only 10 feet long. This is not very long for a cellular antenna, but it will work quite well as long as you place the antenna strategically. You may only need a slight boost in signal, which will allow you just mount it facing a window or something. If you need a stronger boost, then you might consider mounting it in your attic or on your roof. Your alarm monitoring company will be able to test your cellular signals to make sure that your system is receiving an adequate connection.

Our technicians have found that the Honeywell CELL-ANTU works very well when a small to moderate signal boost is needed. If you need a major signal boost, then you might consider going with a more powerful antenna or cellular amplifier. But in most situations, the CELL-ANTU works quite well. And it is even compatible with the new LTE communicators for the Lyric. These include the LYRICLTE-A and the LYRICLTE-V. We believe that this cellular antenna is perfect for most Lyric users who need a stronger cellular connection. We rate it at 5 Stars.