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Great for Small Signal Boosts
Submitted on 08/21/2019 Alarm Grid

We strongly recommend the Honeywell CELL-ANTHB as an indoor antenna for Honeywell VISTA System Cellular Communicators. The device is much easier to install than an outdoor antenna, and it will provide a noticeable boost in signal for many users. We give this product a 5-Star rating because it is effective in many situations.

A cellular antenna is designed to boost the signal strength for a cellular communicator. This can be very important for making sure the system can send and receive signals reliably. A cellular communicator will offer exceptional reliability, but only when the signal strength is adequate. If you live in a rural area, then you might need to add a cellular antenna or cellular amplifier to achieve a better signal.

The CELL-ANTHB is good for users when only a small boost in signal strength is needed. If you live very far away from any cell towers, then you might need to go with a stronger, outdoor antenna instead. An outdoor antenna will be more difficult to install, as it will need to go in your attic or on your roof. But for many users, the CELL-ANTHB is all that is needed. Just note that the antenna is only designed to provide a signal boost of 1 dB.

A great aspect of the CELL-ANTHB is that it works with the newer LTE communicators for VISTA Systems. These include the LTE-XA, LTE-XV, LTE-IA, and LTE-IV. The device can be mounted on the outside of the metal enclosure used to contain a Honeywell VISTA System. For stand-alone communicators, it can be mounted on or near the communicator itself. An end-user will have no trouble completing the installation themselves. It even comes with the Honeywell K14207LF Cable needed to complete the installation. Please note that the standalone cable is discontinued, so you will need to buy another CELL-ANTHB to get a new one if needed.

Bottom line, we think the Honeywell CELL-ANTHB works very well when only a small boost in signal strength is needed. It is easy to install, and it serves its purpose well. That is why we rate it 5-Stars.