Honeywell CELL-EXT - AlarmNet External Antenna Cable Reviews

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Good Cable for External Antennas
Submitted on 08/07/2019 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell CELL-EXT is absolutely necessary if you intend to use an external antenna with many Honeywell LYNX Touch Communicators and Honeywell VISTA Communicators. Because this cable is required in these applications, we are giving it a 5 Star rating. Just be aware that this cable is already included with the CELL-ANT3DB.

If you find that you are not receiving adequate cellular signal for your alarm system, then adding a cellular antenna is often a great option. You just need to keep in mind that a cellular antenna will only increase the signal strength for your alarm system. If you want to improve the cellular signal strength for multiple devices using the same network, then you might consider getting a cellular amplifier instead. If you get the right model, you may be able to improve the reception for your alarm system AND your smartphone when you use it at home.

But if you do decide that a cellular antenna is the best option, then you may need a Honeywell CELL-EXT to complete your setup. This is a simple cable that connects a VISTA or LYNX Touch Communicator with the external antenna. The CELL-EXT was originally used with various 3G communicators. In fact, the Honeywell CELL-EXT was originally called the Honeywell GSM-EXT for its use with various LYNX Touch Communicators that connected across the AT&T 3G GSM Network. However, the name was later changed to the Honeywell CELL-EXT, as the cable is still compatible with the newer LTE communicators for these systems. Some of the most popular communicators used with this cable include the LTE-L57A, the LTE-L57V, the LTE-IA, the LTE-IV, the LTE-XA, and the LTE-XV. Our technicians find that the cable is very easy to connect and that it is quite durable.

Please note that there are some older communicators that may use a Honeywell K14207LF Cable instead of a Honeywell CELL-EXT Cable. However, most of those communicators have since been discontinued. Today, the CELL-EXT is the most common cable for connecting the LTE communicator for a LYNX Touch or VISTA System to an external antenna. One final thing to consider is that you may need a secondary antenna coaxial cable to extend the antenna for outdoor use. Honeywell offers such cables ranging from 5 to 50 feet in length. However, this is normally only required for outdoor antennas like the Honeywell CELL-ANT3DB. Indoor antennas like the Honeywell CELL-ANTSMA and the Honeywell CELL-ANTU do not normally need a cable beyond the CELL-EXT. And in some cases, the antenna will actually include the CELL-EXT as part of the package. Check the contents to make sure.

Bottom line, the CELL-EXT is required in many cases to connect a Honeywell Alarm System Communicator with an external antenna. It gets 5 Stars because it serves its purpose.