Honeywell GSMX-TC2 - AlarmNet Total Connect 2.0 Upgrade Kit Reviews

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Defunct Communicator
Submitted on 11/20/2019 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell GSMX-TC2 is an outdated upgrade kit for a Honeywell VISTA System. The kit included a Honeywell GSMX AT&T 2G Communicator and the PROM Chip upgrades. This communicator can no longer be activated for monitoring service. Additionally, the AT&T 2G Network has since been shut down, so this communicator is completely defunct. It can no longer be used in any fashion. However, the GSMX-TC2 was once a good upgrade kit for users who needed to upgrade the PROM Chips on their VISTA Systems to gain access to Total Connect. But even when this kit was available, it was still a smarter decision to get a 3G communicator instead. With that in mind we give it 4 Stars.

The good things about the Honeywell GSMX-TC2 are fairly obvious. It provided the latest PROM Chip upgrades for the VISTA 15P and VISTA 20P Systems. This is necessary for upgrading the panel to the latest firmware version. Additionally, the module provided reliable cellular connectivity for the panel. Cellular monitoring is more reliable than IP-only monitoring, as an internet outage will take the panel offline. Finally, using this module allowed you to use Total Connect with the system. This platform is good for arming and disarming, checking current system status, controlling Z-Wave devices, and more.

But the downsides to the GSMX-TC2 must also be discussed. The module can no longer be activated. And since the AT&T 2G Network has been shut down, the module can no longer be used in any manner whatsoever. It was once useful, but now it no longer is. But remember, the module was still outclassed by the 3G versions for much of its lifespan. And today, it is even further outclassed by LTE. However, it still served its intended purpose well. We give a 4 Star rating.

Good: Cellular Service, Total Connect, PROM Upgrades

Bad: Defunct Module, Cannot Be Activated, Outclassed by 3G & LTE

Bottom Line: 4 Stars