Honeywell iGSMHS - AlarmNet High Security Dual Path Alarm Monitoring Communicator Reviews

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Submitted on 05/29/2020 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell iGSMHS is a discontinued AlarmNet Communicator for Honeywell VISTA Systems that operated across the AT&T 2G Cellular Network. That cellular network was shut down several years ago, and the communicator will no longer work. You will not be able to find a new model of this communicator. And if you attempt to use an existing unit, then it will not work. It cannot be activated, and it cannot be used for monitoring service. You should get an LTE cellular communicator like the Honeywell LTE-XA or Honeywell LTE-XV instead. With this in mind, we give the Honeywell iGSMHS a 1 Star rating.

There were some things to like about the Honeywell iGSMHS before it became obsolete. It was a high security communicator, meaning that it was suitable for use in locations that require extra security, such as banks and government buildings. The communicator provided reliable cellular monitoring service. A cellular connection will almost never go down or become unavailable, so it is ideal for alarm monitoring service. The communicator is UL listed, and it meets the strict requirements of a high security communicator.

The downsides to the Honeywell iGSMHS are obvious. The communicator cannot be activated for monitoring service. And since the AT&T 2G Network has been shut down, the communicator will no longer work, even if it was activated for monitoring service at one point. Also, as a high security communicator, the Honeywell iGSMHS could not be used with Total Connect or Total Connect 2.0, thereby making it even more useless. This is a relic of the past that has absolutely no functional purpose today. It is basically an expensive paperweight if you find one now. Get an LTE communicator instead. It will still offer great security, and you will actually be able to use it. Plus, the new communicators can support TC2. As for the Honeywell iGSMHS, it gets 1 Star.

Good: High Security, Reliable Cellular Connection. UL Listed

Bad: Cannot Be Activated, Network Discontinued, No TC2

Bottom Line: 1 Star