Honeywell L5200PK10 - Basic Wireless Security System with 10 Door/Window Sensors Reviews

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Classic Security System Kit
Submitted on 09/16/2020 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell L5200PK10 is a discontinued security system kit from Alarm Grid. This kit included a Honeywell L5200 LYNX Touch Panel, ten (10) door and window contact sensors, one (1) PIR motion detection sensor, and one (1) Honeywell 5834-4 Key Fob. In order to get this system monitored, a user will need to add a separate communicator, which is not included with this kit. In most cases, this will require upgrading the firmware for the system by using the Honeywell LYNXTOUCH-MSD Firmware Updater Tool. Despite all of this panel's shortcomings, it can do virtually anything that a newer and more robust panel can do, if provided with the right hardware. This is an underrated panel, so we give the discontinued Honeywell L5200PK10 Security System Kit a 4-star rating.

There are positive aspects regarding the Honeywell L5200PK10. For one, the L5200 has a larger screen than its successor, the Honeywell L5210. The screen isn't quite as large as the L7000, but it is still worth mentioning. With 10 contacts, 1 motion, and 1 key fob, you have everything you need for local monitoring. And if you upgrade the firmware and add a communicator, then this panel can even be used as a relatively modern security system. All of the equipment is of very high quality, which is what you would expect from the Honeywell label. While we wouldn't necessarily recommend seeking out this system, it can certainly be put to good use if you happen to find a deal somewhere out there.

But the negative aspects for the Honeywell L5200PK10 should not be ignored. For starters, this system kit is discontinued, and it can no longer be purchased from Alarm Grid. This is an old system, and you will need to update the firmware in order to get it monitored in most cases. You must also add a communicator, which is not included with this kit. Really, it is much easier to just get a Honeywell Lyric, which can be readily set up with IP monitoring service right out of the box. But if you have a Honeywell L5200PK10 and compatible sensors sitting around somewhere, then you could do a lot worse. For that reason, we give the Honeywell L5200PK10 a 4-star score.