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The Honeywell L7000 is the most comprehensive security system ever released. The 7-inch display, it's ability to handle up to 4 cameras, and more zones than ever before, this easy to use device is Honeywell's most sought after DIY panel to date.
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The Honeywell 7000 is Honeywell's newest addition to its line of home security products. The 7000 is a state of the art wireless panel with a beautiful, large, LCD 7-inch screen. With a few more features than its sister panel, the L5200, the 7000 replaces Honeywell's most popular wireless security system, the L5100.

Capable of displaying high-fidelity video from Honeywell's Total Connect security cameras, the 7000's unparalleled in its quality. Its stunning screen, much like the Tuxedo Touch, a VISTA (wireless security system) series keypad, gives the user numerous benefits over other security systems in the market.

Moreover, it's ability to handle 79 wireless zones means that this panel not only beats out any of its competitors for its ability to handle zones in the home, it also means that almost no one will have trouble running out of zones, even the biggest homes or offices. The Honeywell L7000 does more than just security. Like its predecessor, the 7000 works as a Z-Wave controller. The 7000's Z-Wave module is simple to install, and makes the neatest home automation options available to anyone at an affordable price.

Like any modern-day security system, the Honeywell LYNX 7000 can be monitored over IP using the WIFI module or GSM using the L7000's cellular module.

  • In order to support the LTE-L57V the panel must be on version 9.00.201 or higher
  • In order to support the LTE-L57A the panel must be on version 9.00.209 or higher

To update the panel, you must purchase the Honeywell LYNXTOUCH-MSD tool and then follow these instructions.

Brand: Honeywell

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The L7000 will fully replace the VISTA panel. None of the communication devices will attach to the VISTA, neither would the 5800C2W. The C2W will be wirelessly programmed to the L7000, you'll be taking the wired sensors from the VISTA panel and wiring them into the C2W. I suggest emailing us at so our planner team can work with you and answer your questions in more detail.
6. Also, as we are planning to add two new 5816OD sensors (fence gates) and will they work with just L7000 (without the 5881ENH)?
Thanks! With the new L7000 system I have a few questions- 1. Do we still keep the VISTA 20-p panel system? 2. Where will we attach the 5100-WIFI to? Does it connect to the current VISTA 20-p panel system? 3. Where will we attach the LTE-L57V to? Does it connect to the current VISTA 20-p panel system? 4. Where will we attach the 5800c2w to? Does it connect to the current VISTA 20-p panel system? 5. Do you have a wiring diagram how to converts the wired sensors to wireless using 5800c2w?
Anytime, you are very welcome. When ready, here are our plans.
Thanks. Looks like I need to get working on getting my network cable active.
That would explain any undesired behavior, per the manufacturer "This Feature is used with an Alarmnet communicator acquiring the data from Accuweather for the sunrise/sunset times. Program a schedule to run a scene for sunrise/sunset" Therefore it cannot speak with the servers to update any settings.
No monitoring or Total Connect currently. Standalone system.
Hello Jim, Are you monitored? Do you have Total Connect 2.0? If so, verify time zone in panel and in Total Connect.
Any ideas on why my Sunset events would be 3 hours late? I have L7000 with a Scheduled Scene that has a Frequency of Sunset. It executes every day 3 hours late. My location setting is correct (country, state, city, zip) My year, date, and time are correct
The L7000 is not a keypad but it is it's own security panel. If you want a touchscreen keypad for your vista you'll want to go with the 6290 If you're looking to go to an entirely new system, the L7000 will be a good choice. You will need to get new communicators for the panel (5100-WIFI and the LTE-L57V. Also you'd need the 5800c2w to convert your wired sensors to work with this wireless panel.
Looks like we use Honeywell 5800C2W to convert existing wired sensors into wireless for this controller. We have two 6160RF keypads. Let us know if we can use these touch screen to replaces our existing keypads. In this case do we still need the iGSMV4G (replace it with the new LTE-IA?)? We are also planning to add two new 5816OD sensors (fence gates) and will they work with just L7000 (without the 5881ENH)?
Hello, we have VISTA 20p system monitored using iGSMV4G. We also have 6160 keypads. Are we able to upgrade our existing keypads with this touchscreen?
They are compatible with each other and it is seamless. Once you open the L7000 you will see that they are inserted in the same slots.
Currently I’m using L5100 and thinking to upgrade to L7000 because of few extra futures (scene sunset/sunrise, garage door etc.) Is WiFi and z-wave module from L5100 will work on L7000? Is anyway to painlessly transfer setup from one to another or it have to be program again? Thank you.
Yeah, seems problem was the battery cable was interfering with the sensor - thanks.
What I would suggest is double check that the panel is closed properly, so after you open and close the panel again. Disarm the panel twice if needed. If the issue persist your welcome to email our techs at
I have an L7000. I opened cover to attach to wall. Now I have a Cover Tamper that I can't reset. I've entered my Master and Installer codes a hundred times and reset the unit several times and nada. What do I need to do to clear this?
Hi Brett, kissoff means acknowledgement of a signal sent to the monitoring station. An example would be, if you wanted an action to start or stop upon arming the system, you may be able to have it occur immediately upon arming, or you may be able to have it happen only after the closing report has been acknowledged by the monitoring station.
On Honeywell L7000 what does the “kissoff” feature do under the rules section of Home Automation? This is one of the choices under System Operations under Rules.
Please send in pictures of the panel to our email Our techs will reach out to further assist you in getting the panel's code changed as well as assist you in getting it set for monitoring as well.
I recently purchased a home with a Honeywell system that looks like the picture of the L7000. Don’t know for sure because the model number is not shown on the housing. The system is no longer being monitored but still functions, beeps every time we open a door. I asked previous owner for code, he gave it to me but was not sure it was correct. I’ve tried the code he gave me but it doesn’t seem to work. What can I do now? I do have access to the circuit board. This actually leads me to believe that it is not the L7000 because there are only 8 zones. Please help.
The panel supports an unlimited number of 5828/V wireless fixed keypad.
Thanks for your reply. One more question please, will it handle more than one? I would like to add three.
You can use the 5828 keypad as a secondary with the L7000, here is an FAQ that reviews this in more detail:
Is there anyway to add more keypads?
The majority of the Z-Wave devices we sell are compatible with the L7000. Honeywell doesn't have a master list of compatible Z-Wave products for the device currently. Honeywell has released a compatible device list, but it is old and out of date. Check it out in this manual on page 22:
Thanks for the info, can you also give me z-wave products/brands that are compatible with your z-wave controller
Yep with the module installed you can interface Z-Wave devices with the L7000.
it means we can add z-wave devices on L700
As long as you have the 5100-ZWAVE chip installed, the L7000 can be a zwave controller.
Likely your sensors will still work with the l7000 or the l5210, majority of the 5800 sensors work for majority of the honeywell systems. Both the L7000 and L5210 can be used without monitoring, however they act just as local noise makers. If you want to have full remote access with live alerts check out our plans:
LYNX Touch 7000 is also a z-wave gateway?
I have an old Honeywell LYNXR-EN system installed in 2013 with 20 wireless sensors, they look exactly like the 5816 but may be an older version. I would like to upgrade but keep the 20 sensors since they work fine and seem to run at least $25/sensor for new systems. Any idea if I'd be able to reuse those sensors with the L7000 or the LYNX Touch 5210? Also - can I use the L7000/5210 without a monitoring plan, or if not, what's the cheapest one out there?
The L7000 can support 84 zones. All that you can view on your phone via Total Connect 2. You would be able to see the activity of these and also when they are faulted. If you don't already have monitoring and looking to receive Total Connect, you may sign up at
Yes, the panel includes the transformer. If you don't want to supply your own wire for connecting the panel to the transformer, you could get the LT-CABLE ( ) which is a pre-made cable from Honeywell. We also do honor Honeywell's 2 year manufacturer warranty on all Honeywell products we sell. Therefore, if a product seems to be bad that you bought from us, we'll troubleshoot it with you and if it's determined to be bad and is within 2 years of the products manufactured date code, we'll send a new product out to you right away and email you a return shipping label so you can send the bad product back to us so we can get it to Honeywell.
Does the L-7000 come with the power transformer? Do you cover a warranty on this unit?
So is it a motion detector? Do you have chime mode enabled or is it giving you a specific trouble alert?
Interior with delay.
What is the Response Type set for on that particular zone? What is the panel trouble alert showing when it alerts?
I called alarmgrid, and they put in a ticket to upgrade. Thank you. Second question. Everything works fine in my system except my first zone is a wireless sensor and it makes my panel alert and make noise even when not alarmed. Any idea of why this may be happening?
Is your system currently being monitored?
Honeywell L7000: How can you upgrade l7000 software. The software installed on my L7000 unit looks to be old. Only shows one day weather , no traffic etc... thanks
If you get the Honeywell AlarmNet IPCAMs available at, you'd be able to view them from the L7000 panel as long as the cameras and L7000 system are on the same WIFI network. If you wanted to view them remotely through the TC2 account, you'd need to be on a plan that includes the video surveillance feature.
Sterling, If I purchase the L7000 system with self monitoring TC can i connect cameras and view them on premises?
No, the L7000 needs to be powered from the included 9VDC transformer that ships with the panel.
I am converting an oder wired Honeywell system. Can I power the L7000 through the Aux port of the 5800C2W?
I would double check the wire gauge as 20' at 20 gauge would be outside of the recommended specs and that could be why you are getting the strange low battery alerts. You could also temporarily take it off the wall and use a new short length of wire to just test it on a desk to see if it still acts the same with a shorter power cable.
No. Panel is installed on the wall. Wire is ran through the wall to the basement and is plugged into an outlet below the unit. All sensors are wireless. I have about 30 wireless sensors. No matter which wireless sensor is open past that 30 mins, it has the same alert pop up.
Any chance the window is anywhere near the panel's power wire run? I can't think of any logical reason a wireless sensor opening would affect the panel's ability to see the proper voltage on the battery charging circuit unless the window opening is somehow pinching the power wire and causing power issues when open.
No. Only happens when a window or door is open more than that 30 minute mark. After I close the window/door, it goes back to green within 30 mins.
Do you ever see the System Low Battery trouble if the system is disarmed with no zones faulted?
Correct. If you can recap above. If all windows/doors are closed, no low battery indicator. If the window/door is open more than 30 mins, it shows the low battery and gives the periodic beeps.
Correct. When is a zone is faulted (opened) it will show a fault until its closed. Are you still experiencing a low battery alert when you go to system? Not sure if it matters, but wanted to send this over just incase. When a window is open, it should remain in the following state, correct?
The cable is ran approx 20ft, using the same power supply it came with. If I recall I used 18 or 20 gauge wire. I have no issues with alerts, except after a door/window is open for more than that 30 min mark. I bought it last year and had the issue since the start.
Well the issue is a problem with the panel and it's ability to see proper voltage from the battery. It shouldn't have anything to do with windows opening or closing. There is no reason why a zone would make the panel show a low battery issue so there must be something we're missing here. How are you powering the system? How long is your wire between the transformer and the panel and what gauge are you using?
Yes, I replaced that battery also a few months ago. Again, it will only give that error if I keep a window or door open more than 30-60mins. On another note, when I have a window open it does show that I have the correct window open on the display. It was an odd issue.
Your pictures seem to show that it's a system low battery trouble and not a specific zone low battery trouble. Can you test again and hit the System icon on the L7000 once the low battery message shows up?
I just checked per your instructions. See pictures. I tested out the Patio window. Actually had Office, Patio, Loft windows open. You will see in the pictures, zones show all green. Again, soon as a shut the windows and give it some time, it clears the low battery alert. I am using the 5820L sensors.
If you hit Zones, when the window is opened and it's showing the Low Battery trouble, does it show an error for a low battery on that specific zone? What model number sensor are you using on the windows and what loop number do you have them programmed for?
The first time, I went ahead and replaced the batteries. No matter what door or window I open, less than an hour later it will say "check system" and then show "low battery" for the window/door that is opened (even after battery replaced. Once I shut the door or window, a few minutes later, the system goes back to green. So the open contacts is making it think a battery is low.
The system shouldn't report that the batteries are low on a zone unless you really do have a low battery in the sensor itself. Your best fix is to just replace the battery so it doesn't continue to alert you to the issue if it's left in the faulted state for an extended period. You can certainly disable the chime feature on a specific zone so that the panel doesn't have the audible fault chime when opened though.
Open Door/Window: On the L7000 and using wireless sensors, is there a way to disable alerts on open windows/doors. Example, If I decide to open a window or door for a couple of hours, it sounds an audible alert saying that the batteries are low. Anyway to disable that portion?
We don't have any specific recommendations on which Android tablet to use but any should work just fine.
I have an L7000 but would like one or two android tablets with totalconnect on the 2nd floor to know which doors were opened/closed. They had the Coby a few years ago but do you have any recommendation on a reliable android tablet that will do this? Thanks!
What is the model number of your cameras?
what do I need to do to make my cameras show up
hi one more thing on l7000 trigger out put relay Altronix Corp. Sensitive Relay 12/24 VDC 1MA DPDT RBSNTTL which I found very expensive and shipping to London England. was £20 plus £18 for the relay that's $ 55 and I spend lot of time on internet to find the right relay found one supplier from Hong Kong who send me 12v twin ie 2 relay pcb very high quality very small. which have LED status built on PCB for output and input. and it cost me only £1.49 including potage I can't believe very high quality twin relay pcb which I have tested on Honeywell l7000 working fine with no problems I can't understand how the supplier makes any profit??? the postage must have cost him over £3 !!! that's Hong Kong to London
Glad to hear it's working for you. You'll need to create a Scene that turns the siren on and a Scene that turns it off. Then create a Rule based on that On Scene for the Trigger with the System Action as "Any Burglary Alarm" and another Rule based on that Off Scene for the Trigger with the System Action as "Bell Timeout".
hi sterling just to let you know the Fortrezz SSA2USR Siren Strobe Alarm Wireless Z-wave Red Lense works fine with Honeywell l7000 it has enrolled fine but how do you set up or program the siren z wave to tirgger on l7000 on full ALARM ???? that's is when intruder alarm goes off please let me know thanks
The L5100-ZWAVE module is only compatible with American Z-Wave control devices that work on the 908MHz frequency.
Aeotec Micro Switch (2nd Edition) DSC26103-ZWEU - Z-Wave module to switch light on and off
hi it's Aeotec Micro Switch (2nd Edition) DSC26103-ZWEU - Z-Wave modual
What is the model number of the switch? Is it a security contact or a Z-Wave light switch?
hi I have Honeywell l7000 alarm system with z wave card installed will micro switch z wave will work on the system ???? which have 868.4 MHz radio frequency ??? I have seen on is selling please let me know thanks
I always recommend setting alarm reporting to yes. This tells the system to report any signals from that sensor to a central station if/when you setup service. Rather than going back enabling them later, just enable it during the initial setup. The signals will not be sent unless the panel is configured to send them out. We would do this setup during the activation. Until then there is no harm in enabling reporting. It will not really do anything until you setup monitoring.
Yes, we would provide the Information services for your panel if you sign up for the Self Bronze plan.
No.. Which subscription level would be needed to get that feature (thinking about getting the self bronze package)
Is your system monitored currently?
Thanks for this info. I wish these settings were better explained in the manual! I've turned on supervision and put the loops to 1. Any idea about the alarm reporting setting?
I watched your video again and apparently had missed the last 10 seconds about the magnet! It works now. On a side note, how do I get the weather forecast as seen in honeywell's videos?
You should always have your sensors supervised. This allows the panel to ensure that they are properly communicating. If they stop responding to supervisory check-ins the system will notify you in the form of a supervision trouble. The zones on the C2W should always be loop 1. Loops are a way to achieve multiple functions from a single RF sensors serial number. For example, the 5816 uses loop 1 for the external wired zones and loop 2 for the integrated reed switch with a magnet.
The 5800C2W is supervised for the cover being on and it reports the tamper issue on the first zone programmed for the C2W. Therefore, if you are faulting zone 1 and getting a tamper on that zone as well, it must mean you don't have the magnet installed into the C2W cover or you don't have the cover on the device. Once you put the cover with the magnet on, disarm the system and it should clear the tamper fault. With the cover on, test again and you should just get a fault and restore when you open and close the zone.
Hello! Your website is invaluable and I consulted it frequently before making the jump to install a Lynx 7000 + 5800C2W to convert some of the wired door sensors previously connected to a dysfunctional Moose control panel. I'm trying to use the Lynx panel to chime when a door is opened and despite putting it on chime mode with alarm reporting off, as well as making sure it is disarmed, it still beeps like an alarm going off (no chime ever occurs) and says "Tamper Door 2." -What settings do I need to get it to simply chime when a door opens? -If I can't get it to work, I hope to at least try a wireless sensor (5816) and see if this will chime.. but will any settings be different? -Also, within the zone programming, what is the loop setting about? And supervision? Thanks! FS
Sorry to hear that you were robbed. The L7000 will work outside the US. The WIFI and Z-Wave modules will absolutely function outside the US. The 4GL is now called the 3GL and it is designed for the AT&T cellular network. However there have been reports of this module functioning in Latin America. You are welcome to give it a try. Check out our self monitoring plans here: The self bronze includes remote control and notifications of anything relating to security devices. The self silver plan adds the ability to remotely control and view status of any enrolled Z-Wave devices. Lastly, the self gold plan includes cellular data charges. This assumes the local cellular network will be able to roam on the 3GL.
Good Day /Night . I just got robbed, and I am looking for a security system. 1. Will the Honeywell Lynx Touch L7000 work outside the US 2. Will the Honeywell L5100-WIFI, 4gl GSM Cellular, Zwave Module works outside the us? 3. Does Total connect or any self-monitor works outside the us and at what cost? 4. Currently I live in Panama, Panama
You would need to buy a "dual path" or "cellular" kit if you want to have a system that can communicate through the cellular network. We have wireless systems available at and any that have the 3G in the part number will include the cellular module you need for cellular monitoring. I'm not sure where you saw the kit you asked about as we don't sell any kits that include the Z-Wave module but it can be added separately of course.
If I buy the Honeywell Lynx Touch L7000 Wireless Residential/Commercial Security Alarm Kit with Wifi and Zwave Module, is it already equipped for cellular monitoring via a monitoring company or do I have to buy other equipment? Can the monitoring company access it or must I purchase Honeywell Total Connect first?
This system isn't supported by any cameras other than the TC2 capable IPCAMs from Honeywell. With that said, you can certainly use this system in conjunction with a separate DVR system if you'd prefer to use other cameras.
What cameras can I connect to this system that will record to a DVR instead of having to sign up for Total Connect?
No, you can't link an L7000 to an L5100 (or any other LYNX Touch system) but you can certainly re-use your existing sensors and modules with a new L7000 panel.
Okay, so if I upgrade there will be no issues? I'm assuming you can't keep both panels and use them both?
Okay, so if I wanted to upgrade the panel there would be no issues?
Yes, the L5100-WIFI and L5100-ZWAVE modules are compatible with an L7000 panel.
I have the lynx 5100 If I upgrade to the lynx 7000 Wil everything including z wave and wifi module just transfer over?
Check out the two following FAQs: Auto-stay Mode - Transmission lockout feature if you are testing motions -
I am setting up a new l7000. When I arm it in "Arm Away" mode it reverts to "Arm Stay" mode. What am I doing wrong?
You can unplug the internal siren but you will lose the voice annunciations and keypad beeps in the bedroom as well. There is no way to program the siren to be silent at the main L7000 panel so unplugging it or trying to muffle the speaker on the unit itself would be your only options.
I have a Lynx 7000 panel on the wall by our bedroom. I have a remote siren connected to this panel which is located on the first floor of our home. Is there a way to turn off the internal siren on the Lynx7000 panel. We had a couple of false alarms and do not like siren blasting in our bedroom.
This product (and our wireless system kits) come with the standard capacity battery but you can order the higher capacity batteries online at The backup battery time will depend on which communicators (IP and/or GSM) you have in the system.
Is the above with a 4 Hr. battery or the 24 Hr. battery ?
We do not offer one but here are the physical dimensions: 8.5"W x 6"H x 1.875"D. I recommend going to a home depot or lowes with these specs and finding an enclosure that fits these specs.
Is there a clear non-lockable cover that will fit this panel? Something like a t-stat enclosure.
I wish you all the best. If it is bad an L5200 or L7000 would both be suitable replacements. Or you could wait for the new Lyric ( ) to be released.
Well at least there is hope. Maybe i can find another transformer that i can test with that is the right amperage. I really appreciate the help. Lets say i have to buy a new one. will this one the L7000 be the closest replacement as to what i have? I will let you know if i find another supply and what the outcome is so everyone else has a response to it.
Well the panel uses a 9VDC, 2.7A transformer so I'm not sure if your transformer is causing the issues or if your L5000 has gone bad.
Honeywell class 2 power supply model number 300-04705v1 Ibut 102-132v .6a Output 9v DC 2.5amp My fluke measures 9.4v DC on the terminals of the power supply and 9.04v on the ground and postive screw down terminals on the control board for the l5000
What specs are on your adapter?
I did. I get the Unix box post a couple seconds later white screen with home and panic installed I do have an after market power adapter. I wonder if I need to hard wire power to the screwa instead
Have you tried unplugging battery and transformer and then powering up, battery first, while pressing and holding the Home and Panic hard touch buttons?
I currently have a Lync L5000. It has been installed in the home for a long time. At the moment it will not start at all. It has been unplugged for about 18months because i got tired of paying for the monitoring. Now when i try to boot it back up, all i get after the preboot black screen is a solid white screen. I have tried everything i can think of. I removed all the cards and plugs (power, batter, antenna) off the mother board and tried to start it again still same result. I am assuming that since this thing is so old that its shot and i need to buy a new one. My home has hard wired sensors for all the windows and doors there is a wireless motion sensor and a wireless door sensor that was a replacement due to broken wire. Since i knew i had to get rid of the old system and i wanted to do it all myself. I went ahead and ordered the RE208-Hardwired to Honeywell device. Now that i have to order another control panel which one that you sell will work with that device... (or if you can tell me how to repair the L5000 Honeywell that would be great, but i have been searching on the web and all i get is that its time to RMA the panel. I figured since it is so old that i am not going to be able to do that either) Please advise Thank you so much Steve
Yes, with the L5100-WIFI modules installed and connected to your network, you'd be able to use a phone with the $0.99 paid LYNX Connect app to control the system when you are on the same network as the system. If you wanted any text/email alerts or remote access, then you'd have to sign up for one of our no-contract plans at for access to Total Connect 2.0 services.
I want to get either the L5200 or the L7000. Can I control this system from my iphone within the same network, using the connect app WITHOUT having to pay for total connect. I want a system that I can control from my phone from within the network, and I don't care about "remote" access, but I don't want to pay a monthly fee. Is this possible with this system?
You can use the wireless sensors with the L7000 but that first picture looks like a wired glass break detector. You will be better off replacing that with a 5853 - Once you have the WIFI installed in the L7000, signing up for our Self Monitoring plan ( which is $10/month, with no contract, would get you access to Total Connect 2.0 so you can remotely control the system from a smart phone or computer and receive text/email alerts from the system.
I stopped paying for ADT about a year and now I'm using Canary that I really don't like and probably will return the device. I have a few Honeywell wifi thermostats and probably this might be compatible, I don't really need to be that compatible BUT I would like to know if: 1) I can do complete self monitoring with the lynx L7000 (using the wifi module) 2) Reuse some of the existing pieces from my old equipment 3) Will I be able to use the existing wiring to replace that equipment? (Pictures of my existing system attached) Thank you
No, you can't connect another LYNX Touch panel to an L7000. Also, the Tuxedo is a wired keypad and will therefore only work with a wired VISTA panel. There are no touch screen options for additional keypads on a LYNX Touch system. You can use the 5828/5828V wireless keypads though -
Hello, can I install more than one panel?. Another Linx 7000 or Tuxedo for example?
* Based on a 10% APR with 12 months financing. APR's will vary between 10% - 30% based on credit score and various factors.