Honeywell L7000DM - LYNX Touch L7000 Desk Mount Reviews

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Outstanding Desk Mount!
Submitted on 01/03/2020 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell L7000DM is the desk mount for the Honeywell LYNX Touch L7000 System. It cannot be used with the other LYNX Touch Systems, including the L5100, L5200, and L5210. It is exclusively for the L7000. The L7000DM will keep an L7000 System nice and sturdy, without needing to mount it to any wall. The device is very easy to use, as it simply snaps onto the panel. It is a great option for users who cannot mount the L7000 to the wall, as well as users looking to make their installation as quick and as easy as possible without needing to use any tools. We highly recommend the Honeywell L7000DM as a desk mount for L7000 users. We give the product a 5-Star rating.

The positive aspects of the Honeywell L7000DM are easy to understand. The device keeps an L7000 upright at a good viewing angle on a table or desk, which is preferable to just having the panel lay flat on a desk or table. You do not need any tools to start using the L7000DM, which makes it perfect for DIY users who are looking to complete their own system installation without any help from an installer. The L7000DM reliably keeps an L7000 Panel upright and sturdy, and you will not need to worry about the panel falling over. And you won't need to drill any holes in your wall!

There are not many downsides to the Honeywell L7000DM. Its biggest criticism is that it is not very versatile. It can only be used with the L7000 System, and it will not work with any of the other LYNX Touch Panels. But if you need a desk mount for an L7000, then this is the one to get. This product gets a 5-Star rating from Alarm Grid.

Good: Keeps L7000 Upright & Sturdy, Snaps Into Place, No Tools Required, No Holes in Wall

Bad: L7000 Only

Bottom Line: 5 Stars