Honeywell LYNXZ-KT57-WIFI - L5100PK with WIFI communicator and 10 5811 Wireless Sensors Reviews

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Easy to install, easy to use with great feature set
Submitted on 04/15/2014 Eric

Very well integrated unit. Touchscreen keypad serves as main control unit for security system. Easy to install, just need to the LT-Cable if your outlet is within 8-feet. If not, just as easy to wire with 18/2 thermostat wire to the control panel. Programming this unit is very, very easy. While Honeywell does not actively market this system to the DIY-homeowner it is ideally suited for this use. You do not need to be a professional to get this up and running. Just watch the videos, you will see. The 5811 sensors are much better than the 5816 as they are significantly smaller/lower profile. The WIFI connects easily to my Verion FiOS supplied router and last but certainly not least the customer support provided by Alarm Grid is second to none in the security services category.