Honeywell Lyric AT&T-3G 10-1 Kit - Wireless Alarm System, 10 Door/Window Sensors, Motion, 8' Cable Reviews

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Submitted on 08/21/2019 Alarm Grid


We think the Honeywell Lyric AT&T-3G 10-1 Kit is an outstanding system kit. However, we strongly recommend that you purchase the Honeywell Lyric AT&T-LTE 10-1 Kit instead. This is the same kit, but it includes a newer AT&T LTE Communicator, instead of the older AT&T 3G Communicator. Anyone looking for a new system kit should make sure that it includes an LTE communicator. But since the Lyric AT&T-3G 10-1 Kit is still a good kit, we give it 5-Stars.

With this kit, you get a complete system with everything you need to get started for alarm monitoring service. The kit includes a Resideo Lyric Alarm System, ten (10) door and window contacts, an encrypted PIR motion sensor, a convenient power cable, a system transformer, and a 3G communicator. The Lyric is a great system with its support for 128 wireless zones and Apple HomeKit compatibility. It is easy to program, and it offers a simple user interface that is easy to understand. Our technicians believe that it is one of the best systems available on the market today.

You also get some nice sensors for the system. The VERSA-2GIG Door and Window Contacts are straightforward and effective. You can use these surface-mounted sensors to monitor virtually any door and window. They are simple to install, and they work great. The SiXPIR Motion Detecting Sensor that comes included with this kit is also quite nice. It works well in residential locations, and it offers pet-immunity for up to 80 pounds. You also get an LT-Cable and a transformer for powering the Lyric system.

The elephant in the room with this kit is the Honeywell LYRIC-3G Communicator. This device uses the AT&T 3G Network for cellular service. AT&T is expected to discontinue this network sometime in the next few years. As a result, it is no longer possible to activate this communicator for monitoring service. If you already have this communicator activated, then it will continue to work until AT&T shuts down their network. With that in mind, it is strongly recommended that you upgrade to an LTE communicator as soon as possible. You can choose between the LYRICLTE-A and the LYRICLTE-V. An LTE communicator will provide faster and more reliable connectivity when compared with a 3G communicator. Additionally, LTE networks are going to remain in service for a very long time. Getting an LTE communicator for your Lyric is a great long-term investment. Remember that the system also has a built-in WIFI card, so it will be dual-path ready once you add a communicator.

Bottom line, this is a great system and a great kit, so we give it 5-Stars. But you really should go with an LTE option instead.