Honeywell Lyric AT&T-LTE 10-1 Kit - Wireless Alarm System, 10 Door/Window, Motion, 8' Cable Reviews

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Great Lyric Kit!
Submitted on 09/22/2020 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell Lyric AT&T-KTE 10-1 Kit is a security system kit from Alarm Grid that includes a Honeywell Lyric Controller, ten (10) VERSA-2GIG Door and Window Sensors, one (1) Honeywell SiXPIR Motion Sensor, a Honeywell LYRICLTE-A AT&T LTE Communicator, and a Honeywell LT-Cable for providing power to the system. This complete kit includes everything you need to get started, and it is highly recommended for those who are just getting started with alarm monitoring service. We give the Honeywell Lyric AT&T-KTE 10-1 Kit a 5-Star rating.

There are many things to like about this security system kit. The Lyric is a robust and powerful all-in-one wireless alarm system. It is easy to program, and it offers enough zones for a large home or business. The sensors all have a nice build quality, and they can last for many years when maintained properly. This system kit is dual-path ready, as the Lyric has built-in WIFI, and the LYRICLTE-A offers cellular connectivity. Providing power to the system is easy with the included Honeywell LT-Cable. The system can be readily used with Total Connect 2.0 once it is activated for monitoring service. This will allow the user to control their Lyric System remotely. This also opens up the door for other integrations, including Amazon Alexa. And we also love the fact that the Lyric is HomeKit-compatible.

There are not many downsides regarding the Honeywell Lyric AT&T-KTE 10-1 Kit. One limitation is that the built-in automation controller for the Lyric is only standard Z-Wave, rather than Z-Wave Plus. Therefore, you might want to choose a different system if automation outside of HomeKit is your top concern. It's also important to mention that the included door and window sensors with this kit are non-encrypted devices. The Lyric readily supports encrypted contact sensors like the Honeywell SiXCT and Honeywell SiXMINICT, so you can buy those if you want encrypted door and window sensors. But overall, these downsides are relatively minor, and they do not stop us from giving the Honeywell Lyric AT&T-KTE 10-1 Kit a 5-Star rating.

Good: Easy to Program, Many Zones, Good Build Quality, Dual-Path Ready, LT-Cable, Total Connect 2.0, Smart Home Integrations, Apple HomeKit

Bad: Standard Z-Wave, Non-Encrypted Door/Window Sensors

Bottom Line: 5 Stars