Honeywell Lyric Verizon-CDMA 10-1 Kit - Alarm System, 10 Door/Window Sensors, Motion, 8' Cable Reviews

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CDMA Communicator Cannot Be Activated
Submitted on 01/17/2020 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell Lyric Verizon-CDMA 10-1 Kit is a defunct security system kit from Alarm Grid. It was based around the Honeywell Lyric Controller, and it has since been replaced by the Lyric Verizon LTE 10-1 Kit. If you are using an existing Honeywell Lyric Verizon-CDMA 10-1 Kit, then it will continue to work fine until Verizon shuts down their CDMA Network. At that point, you would need to replace the system's communicator with an LTE model to continue using the system for cellular alarm monitoring service. Or you could use it for IP-only monitoring without cellular connectivity. Although this system kit has been discontinued, we still really like the Lyric System, so we give it a 5-Star rating.

The best part about this kit is the Lyric System. This is a state-of-the-art alarm control panel, and it truly impresses with its straightforward programming, compatibility with a wide selection of sensors, and Apple HomeKit compatibility. We also like the sensors included with this kit. The VERSA-2GIG Contacts work great, and they are super easy to install and program. The Honeywell SiXPIR Motion Sensor utilizes 128-bit AES encryption for enhanced wireless security and protection. Even if you have the system connected to the Verizon CDMA Network, you can easily upgrade the system to LTE. Or if you do not want to buy a new communicator, then you can use the system for IP-only monitoring.

The biggest downside to the Lyric Verizon-CDMA Kit is that it comes with a Verizon CDMA Communicator. It is no longer possible to activate these communicators, in anticipation of the Verizon CDMA Network being shut down in the near future. Once the network is shut down, the existing CDMA Communicators used inside alarm systems will no longer work. Anyone in the market for a new alarm system should make sure to get an LTE communicator if they decide they want cellular monitoring. Due to the fact that CDMA Communicators can no longer be activated, we have discontinued this kit, and it is no longer available for purchase. Still, we are big fans of the Honeywell Lyric Alarm System, so we are giving this product a 5-Star rating to reflect the high quality of the system.

Good: Lyric System, Great Sensors, Can Be Upgraded to LTE or do IP-Only

Bad: CDMA Communicator Cannot Be Activated, CDMA Network Being Shut Down

Bottom Line: 5 Stars