Honeywell MPS95WG - 3/8” Diameter Recessed Contact with Leads Reviews


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Great Recessed Door/Window Sensor
Submitted on 10/19/2020 Alarm Grid

The Honeywell MPS95WG is a recessed door and window contact that has wire leads instead of screw terminals. The sensor is virtually unnoticeable once installed, and it measures just 0.85" long and 0.375" in diameter. It comes bundled with a metal magnet that is not encased or coated in plastic. For normal operation, the sensor should be installed in the stationary door or window frame, and the magnet should be installed in the moving portion of the door or window. While the Honeywell MPS95WG still works pretty well as a door and window sensor, it has been discontinued, and you are unlikely to find a new model. There is also the consideration that the sensor must be installed and requires drilling holes. But we like the Honeywell MPS95WG enough that we can still give it a 5-Star rating.

There are many positive aspects for the Honeywell MPS95WG. Some users prefer leads instead of terminals, so this is a good option for installers who want that option. The sensor is recessed, and it cannot be seen on the outside of a door or window. That's a major benefit for users who are going for an aesthetically pleasing installation. The sensor has a really nice build quality, and its compact size minimizes the sizes of the holes that must be drilled.

The downsides of the Honeywell MPS95WG do not affect its score. The sensor is discontinued, so you probably won't find it new. A used model should still work fine though. Needing to drill holes is somewhat of an inconvenience, and many users go with surface-mount sensors for that reason. And since this is a wired sensor, you must run a wire from the panel to the sensor. But these downsides are minor, and we can still give the Honeywell MPS95WG a perfect 5-Star score.

Good: Wire Leads, Not Visible from Outside, Good Build Quality, Compact Size

Bad: Discontinued, Must Drill Holes, Requires Running Wires

Bottom Line: 5 Stars