Honeywell N6277V1 - Cam Lock and Key for VISTA Control Panel Reviews

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Good Cam Lock & Key
Submitted on 08/12/2019 Alarm Grid

We think the Honeywell N6277V1 Cam Lock and Key works very well for keeping the metal cabinet for a Honeywell VISTA System properly secure. If you are looking to add some extra security to your panel's metal enclosure, then this is a great product to get. It is simple to install, and it will prevent others from accessing your security panel.

A Honeywell VISTA Security System is a hardwired panel that is hidden away inside a small metal cabinet. The keypad that you use to control the system is not actually an alarm system. This is just a controller that you use to give commands to your system. But the panel is where the brains for the system are. If you are worried that someone may get into your panel, then you might consider getting the cam lock and key. Our technicians find that it provides a nice extra layer of security to keep others from tampering with the system.

There is one thing to keep in mind with this product. It does not include the retaining clip needed to keep the cam lock in place. If you need the cam lock, key, and retaining clip, then you should purchase the Honeywell N6277-KT instead. But if you already have the retaining clip, then this product will work just fine. Remember that you may need to knock out one of the indented holes on the VISTA Panel cabinet to install the Honeywell N6277V1.

The cam lock and key is great for people who want to keep others out of their system. It is great for parents who have kids who may accidentally get into the alarm control panel. It is also useful if you have a roommate, and you don't want them tampering with your system. Just remember that the cam lock and key is an option. You can certainly keep your VISTA Cabinet unlocked if you do not believe that anyone will get into it.

Bottom line, the Honeywell N6277V1 Cam Lock and Key works fine for keeping others out of your VISTA System. That is why we give it 5 Stars.