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Good Speaker, But Discontinued
Submitted on 08/23/2019 Alarm Grid


Although the Honeywell WAVE-F is a good speaker, it has been discontinued in favor of the Honeywell WAVE2F. The biggest difference between the Honeywell WAVE-F and the Honeywell WAVE2F is that the WAVE-F is only single tone, while the WAVE2F is dual-tone. There aren't really any advantages to choosing the WAVE-F over the WAVE2F. And now that the WAVE-F is discontinued, you can't even really make that choice anymore.

Another advantage that the WAVE2F offers over the WAVE-F is that the WAVE2F includes a built-in siren driver, while the WAVE-F does not. In fact, the WAVE-F is technically a speaker, not a complete siren. You can only use the WAVE-F if you add a siren driver. This is rather inconvenient, and most users are not going to want to complete this extra step. That is another reason to go with the WAVE2F instead of the WAVE-F. And it is also a good reason as to why the WAVE-F was discontinued, while the WAVE2F is still available.

Assuming that you do decide to purchase the Honeywell WAVE2F instead of the WAVE-F, you will receive an easy to install flush-mount siren that can be installed into a standard double-gang electrical box. The WAVE2F siren might be a small package, but it can produce sounds of up to 106 dB from one (1) meter away. It offers support for a steady tone and a warble tone for added flexibility. It draws 500mA from the panel when the siren is activated, so make sure to keep that in mind when doing your power draw calculations. Its small depth allows it to be unobtrusive as possible.

Bottom line, don't bother with the Honeywell WAVE-F. It was discontinued because the Honeywell WAVE2F is a better device in every aspect. Get the Honeywell WAVE2F instead of the Honeywell WAVE-F.