Interlogix 600-1048-XT-ZX-TM - T-Mobile Cellular Communicator for Simon XT, XTi & XTi-5 Reviews

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Old 3G Communicator
Submitted on 12/30/2020 Alarm Grid

The Interlogix 600-1048-XT-ZX-TM is an old 3G communicator that used the T-Mobile 3G Network for service. This module was used with Interlogix Simon Series Panels, including the Simon XT, Simon XTi, and Simon XTi-5. This communicator can no longer be activated for monitoring service, as 3G cellular networks are being phased out. And once T-Mobile shuts down their 3G network, then it will stop working entirely. As such, we can no longer recommend buying or using this communicator. Anyone with an existing T-Mobile 3G Communicator should upgrade to an LTE module as soon as possible. LTE Communicators with service from AT&T or Verizon are readily available. As for this unit, we only give it a 3-Star rating, as it is really no longer suitable for use.

Some positive aspects for the Interlogix 600-1048-XT-ZX-TM include the fact that it offered very reliable connectivity, as most cellular communicators do, and it also was compatible with If your monitoring plan included access to, then you could use that platform to control your Interlogix System remotely. This could be done using the website or mobile app. The communicator was also quite verstile, as it worked with most Interlogix Simon Panels. But the Interlogix 600-1048-XT-ZX-TM has some serious downsides that adversely affect its score. The communicator can no longer be activated for new monitoring service, as 3G activations are no longer allowed. And if you have a unit that is currently activated, then you need to replace it before the T-Mobile 3G Network is shut down, or else your system will no longer remain connected for alarm monitoring. One other downside for the unit is that it had to be physically installed inside the panel which is a bit inconvenient. All things considered, we give the Interlogix 600-1048-XT-ZX-TM a score of 3 Stars.

Good: Reliable,, For Interlogix Simon Panels

Bad: Cannot Be Activated, Will Soon Stop Working, Must Be Installed

Bottom Line: 3 Stars