Interlogix 600-9400-IMAG-KIT - Image Sensor w/ Daughterboard Reviews

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Good Image Sensor Kit
Submitted on 09/04/2019 Alarm Grid

The Interlogix 600-9400-IMAG-KIT is a fine image sensor combination kit that is ideal if you want to start using image sensors with your compatible Interlogix Alarm System. However, we generally find that Cameras work much more effectively than image sensors. But if you do decide that image sensors are right for you, then the one included in this kit works quite well. That is why we give it a four (4) star rating.

An image sensor basically consists of a still motion camera that is attached to a PIR motion sensor. Once the motion sensor detects movement, the attached camera will produce a quick photo and make it viewable from The image can then be seen through the website or mobile app. The user can receive text and/or email alerts whenever an image is taken so that they know when to check for any suspicious activity. The resulting image will tell the user if something needs their attention, or if it was just a routine occurrence.

The Image Sensors produce decent images. They are not high resolution, but they are good enough for quickly identifying an emergency situation, such as a burglary or a fire. If you see something that is wrong, then you will know to call for help right away. This can be extremely useful if an emergency occurs while you are away from home. Many people living in Verified Response areas use image sensors to confirm intrusion and/or fire events so that proper dispatch can be requested.

Remember, you will also need to install the included Image Sensor Daughtercard to use this image sensor with your Interlogix System. This will require powering the panel down, and opening it up. The PIR motion sensor used with this image sensor works very well, as it offers a maximum coverage area of 35 feet by 40 feet. But keep in mind that you can get full-motion Security Cameras for the same monthly monitoring price as what is needed for an image sensor. Most users find that getting a camera is better for their needs.

Bottom line, image sensors are fine, and the Interlogix 600-9400-IMAG-KIT is exactly what you need if you want to start using an image sensor with your Interlogix Security System. But you might really consider going with security cameras instead. With that in mind, the Interlogix 600-9400-IMAG-KIT earns four stars.